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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's In a Name?

You may have noticed or maybe you haven't but I often refer to Aubrey as Doodle. That is my nickname for her and now most of our family will call her that on occasion. I know it's not the typical term of endearment such as babe, honey, sweetie and so on but I think it fits.

How it all came about was that when she was a tiny baby I used to call her Auba- Doodle, like Magna Doodle. Why you ask? I really have no idea. You just end up coming up with some weird stuff when you are sleep deprived and there are hormones coursing raging through your body.

Ever since then she has been our little doodle. Or Doodles, Doodle Bop, Doodle Pie, Doodle Bug. Also if you are a Lady GaGa fan like myself I often sing Doo-dle Doodle Ba-op to the chorus melody of Judas. I have an awesome voice- wink wink.

My nickname growing up and still to many of my family memebers today is Bird. This came about when my Mom was feeding me and my brother said I looked just like a baby bird. Since then I have been known as Bird, Bird Lady, T-Bird (my middle name is Tyler), Tweets, and Tweetsie. So now you can see where my crazy nicknaming skills come from, blame it all on my parents. Joe on the other hand doesn't have a family nickname, I might have to work on that.

Definitely a Doodle


Do you or your kids have any crazy nicknames that have stuck?

By the way- My picture was a favorite in Show Off Your Shot at and then, she {snapped}

and then, she {snapped}


  1. Your photos are so cute! We call our daughter "Turkey" because she's our chunky, little girl.

  2. She's so precious. No crazy nicknames here. My family just calls me Nick.

  3. how adorable...no crazy nickname here...

  4. I LOVE nicknames, but never got a good one! I think doodles is super cute.

  5. Doodle is SOOO cute! She looks like a little doodle bug FO SURE. Jax has a million nick names. You gave me a great post idea. Thanks! His main nick names are monkey/monkey-man/bubbalou/bubbalouski/boo boo bear/ they just get crazier & CRAZIER. lol... !

    I have been LOVING your pics lately (like always, but especially lately)

  6. I love the nickname Doodle. I'm a big fan of nicknames that come about organically, rather than picking a nickname before a baby is even born (no judgement, I just don't get it).

    I call my girls Clarissa-Bug, Veronica-Boo, Bugga-Boo, Boo Boo, Bug, punkin, punkin pie, peanut, C, and V.

    Clarissa got the nickname Dirty Bird from a silly bath time at my mom's house when she was really little. Sometimes we call Veronica V-Duck, because she had a duck shaped temperature probe/thermometer thing when she was in the NICU.

    We have all those nicknames in just 16 months. Imagine how many we'll have by the time their 16 years old!


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