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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Flashback

I should have posted this last Friday but with all the excitement of my weekend away, I ran out of time. This photo was taken 10 years ago on my 18th birthday. Those were my two best friends at the time, Erica & Alexis. I'm in the middle.


Oh to be 18! The world was at my fingertips. I had just started my senior year of high school. Everyone was sending out their college applications and gathering up those last minute recommendation letters. It was an exciting time, full of possibilities and big dreams. Strangely enough, this picture was also taken four days before the planes struck the twin towers. Which cast a bit of an eerie glow on our bright futures. At the time I lived 90 minutes south of the city in a huge commuter area so I had a ton of friends who's parents worked in the city {including both of hub's parents} but that is another story for another day.

Ten years later am I where I dreamed I'd be? Yes and no. My home life is more than I ever hoped for. I am married to an amazing man who I have known forever. We compliment each other perfectly. If you had told me when that picture was taken that I would marry Joey, I would had laughed at you. We weren't even close to dating. We also have a beautiful and smart daughter and are hoping for more soon. On top of all that, our dog is ridiculous and we have a great home.

On the personal front- I still need some work. I need to be more confident and trust myself more. I still don't feel totally comfortable in my own skin but I'm hoping to get there by 30. I also never graduated from college although I spent almost enough time there to earn my masters. I couldn't and still can't figure out what I really want to do. I bounced from major to major... art...business...education...et cetera. I can say that I am very well rounded because of it though. All in all my life is pretty great but there is definitely room for improvement. Life would be pretty boring if there wasn't.

Flashback Friday


  1. Hey, gal.You have not change much. You are beautiful.Best of luck for everything in future .

    Follow each other .

  2. Look at you mama! I agree w/ Izdiher, you haven't changed much at all. You are SO PRETTY! I hear you on so many levels. I am 30, & in someways I do feel more comfortable in my skin than I ever have, but I do have some major insecurities still. Work in progress, eh?!


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