Friday, June 29, 2012

Starting Over



I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that in about two months, I will have newborn in the house. I go from being really excited about it to being completely overwhelmed and scared out of my mind about it. My husband has been keeping the excited energy going lately which helps. I'll probably never know if he is really that excited or if he is just as scared as me but which ever it is, it is amazing that he is maintaining such an enthusiastic front.

When Aubrey was born I was scared too. Having a child for the first time is pretty much the biggest lifestyle adjustment that you will ever make. With Aubs, it was just that a huge adjustment. I could no longer do whatever I wanted and I was nursing so she needed me pretty much around the clock. The easy thing about having Aubrey was that I wasn't working at the time and I was able to focus all of my energy on her. Well it wasn't easy, it was exhausting but at least I didn't have anything pulling me in a different direction.

This time I don't have that luxury. I have a two year old. A two year old that is use to being my center of attention. The fact that I won't be able to give her that full attention anymore kills me. I know it will be good for her in the long run but I am so scared for those first few months of adjustment. We have such a comfortable routine right now and I hate to shake that up. Change is good though, or so they say.

Another thing that I am scared about is that Aubrey was a really good baby. She sleep through the night pretty early, she nursed like a champ, she didn't cry very often and she was just all around content. Everyone is quick to tell me that there is no way this will happen twice. The next baby is destined to be a crier and a non-sleeper. I don't mind if she isn't as easy of a baby that Aubrey was, I am just scared that if all these people are right then I will have a nightmare of a baby. If anyone has had a different experience I would love to hear about it. Just one good story would make me feel a little bit more optimistic.

On the upside- we will have a newborn again! A cute cuddly wiggly little baby that we will fall hard for just like we did for Aubrey. We get to celebrate little victories like a first smile, a giggle, rolling over and pulling up. The we this time isn't just Joe and I this time, it includes Aubrey which will be so amazing. I can't wait to see her with her sister. She has such a sweet nature that I know that she will be so loving at times. Trust me I know not all the time but those times that she is will make up for it 10 fold.

Me with Aubrey on her first Easter when she was 3 weeks old

A sleepy smiley one month old Aubrey

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

29/30 Weeks


I am combining my 29th and 30th week because I hit the 30 week mark tomorrow and that way if I get to my 40th week I will still be able to post about it. Anyway, back to the important stuff. This past week has been a fantastic time in my pregnancy and full of good news. On Monday we went to my second high risk ultrasound. I had one previously at 23 weeks because they weren't able to get the readings that they wanted in a standard ultrasound. During that ultrasound, they found that the baby was measuring small and wanted to see me again in 6 weeks to make sure that the baby was growing. Well she isn't measuring small anymore, yay! She looks absolutely perfect and is weighing in at about 2 lbs. 12 oz and in the 47 percentile. We got the clearance that we no longer need to see the high risk doctor.

My second batch of good news came this morning at my 30 week check-up. I don't have gestational diabetes. Can I get a hell yeah? I failed my one hour glucose test and had to do the three hour which sucked but at least the results came back good. On my second blood draw(they do four) my numbers were only 2 points below what they consider high so I do have to watch my carb and sugar intake a little bit. I am 100% fine with this because now I don't need to check my blood sugar 4 times a day and I don't have to go in for non-stress tests once a week for my last month of pregnancy. I was convinced that I probably had it again so I am over the moon that I don't.

In non-health related baby news- we are still not sure about the name. The name that I love is pretty much a no go because my husband's family absolutely hates it. I totally regret opening my mouth up about the name now. My family on the other hand loves it and so do all of my friends. We could just go with that name anyway but I feel like I would get a lot of shit for it. My husband likes a name that I loved during my first pregnancy but he didn't like at that time. The problem with that is that I'm not sure that I really like it anymore. We have a name that we might end up going with because we like it and everyone else seems to be okay with it but I'm still on the fence. The name has gotten pretty popular the past couple of years and I can only see it getting more popular. So yeah- I don't know. We have 10 more weeks to decide.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Blown Away

Monday I usually do my pregnancy update but because of an extreme weather situation I haven't gotten a picture yet so that will have to wait until tomorrow. If you follow me on instagram (username: malliety) than you know that I have been battling tropical storm Debby for the past few days.

The beginning of the weekend started out really productive. We made the most of all the rain and decided to get some things done around the house as long as Aubrey would corporate. She actually let us get a lot done. We painted the kitchen, cleaned out the room that will be the baby's room and organized some closets. Then the worst thing ever happened- okay maybe not the worst but still not great. Our power went out at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. We called the power company and they said that it should be back on by 9 that night. This seemed pretty reasonable because it was just a tropical storm and not a hurricane or tornadoes.

We packed ourselves up and headed over to my mother in-laws to hang out since there was nothing we could really do around the house. Although it was only 4, it was still pretty dark out because of the storm. My mother in-law had power but a lot of the roads in her neighborhood were completely flooded. When she came home from work her car stalled out because of all the water and a bunch of her neighbors had to help her push it into her driveway. We decided not to chance stalling out our suv so we parked down the street where there was less water and waded our way to the house. It was probably pretty funny to see a very pregnant woman with her skirt hiked up past her well knees wading through a foot and a half of water.

We got back home around 9 o'clock last night to a very dark and quiet house. We waited up until 10:45 and then gave up and went to bed. Let me tell you, being 7 1/2 months pregnant and trying to sleep with no air conditioning or fans in June in Florida is not fun. On top of the heat I usually sleep with the sound of a floor fan on and the hum of the baby monitor. I maybe got 2-3 hours of broken sleep and this morning the power still wasn't on. We called the power company again and they said they had no estimated time that the power would be back on.

Since my house was nice and toasty I decided I would head up to my parents house. They are snow birds so they aren't actually at their house down here but I was just looking for somewhere to hang out with some cool air. When I got there I was surprised to see that Debby had given them a real beating too. Their place is right on the bay and the storm had the water coming up over their seawall. There use to be a boardwalk lining the seawall that was almost completely washed away. Thankfully they had electric so I was able to stay there this morning. When I got home at 1:30 this afternoon our power was back on- phew. If this is what the tropical storms are doing this year, I'm going to hate to see what the hurricanes will do.

My mother in-law's flooded street :: View from my parent's balcony :: Thankfully the boat is still intact

Aubs enjoying the wind

Friday, June 22, 2012

This Kid


Aubs has been acting like a total "kid" lately and I think it is so funny. Maybe it was the switch from her crib to her big girl bed that has suddenly turned her from a baby to a little girl. Of course she isn't saying some of the hilarious one liners that many kids who about 6 months to a year older than her are saying but she still cracks me up. Here is some of the stuff she has been doing and saying lately.

~ When I pick her up from school I always ask her if she had a fun day so now she is constantly asking me if I am having a fun day. She asks me this at least twenty times a day without fail.

~ When someone is standing up on something high to fix a light or hang something she without a always tells them to be careful. The contractor who was at our house hanging fans in our living room thought this was hysterical.

~ She asks our dog Ruby for a kiss before we leave the house and will stick her tongue out and follow Ruby around until she licks her face.

~ We have a potty song that we sing to the tune of "We Will Rock You" but changed it to "We Want Pee Pee", Aub decided that "We Want Diapers" better suited her because she won't pee on the potty.

~ She says thank you, your welcome, and excuse me followed by the person's name like it's going out of style.

~ She praises herself by saying "good job Aubrey" and "thank you Aubrey" after she does every little thing.

~ She is still and hopefully always will be a dancing machine. Even when she hears someones ringtone in a store, it sends her into dance mode.

~ She's a little copycat and brushes her teeth and cleans her face in unison with me almost every morning.

~ She's big on holding hands these days which I love.

~ She calls teddy grahams "pooh bears"


I'm sure there are a ton more that I can't think of at the moment. This is just such a fun age because she is picking up on so many things so quickly. I am going to start writing them down so I don't forget them. It will be funny for us and for her to look back on when she is older.

What have your kiddos been up to lately?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Too Pretty to Slice

Have you ever seen one of those gorgeous diaper cakes online or in the magazines? I know I have but I hadn't seen one in person until the other day when I received my very own from Diaper Cakewalk. Well, that's not entirely true. I actually made one for my sister in-law three years ago when my nephew was born but Diaper Cakewalk's version pretty much puts the one I made to shame.


The "cake" above is the one I received, isn't it cute? It was so beautifully packaged and constructed. The contractor who came was at my house working on my closet even spotted it in the corner of my kitchen and asked me if it was a real cake. On top of looking beautiful, all the products that it is made of are from well known quality brands.

Here are some frequently asked questions from Diaper Cakewalk to help you better know there product:

Q. What is a diaper cake?
A. A diaper cake is a tower of practical disposable diapers and baby supplies, cleverly bundled into the shape of a cake.

Q. Can I use the diapers?
A. Absolutely. The cake is designed to be easily dismantled and all the diapers and supplies are usable.

Q. What brand of diapers are in the cake?
A. Most of our diaper cakes are constructed with Pampers Swaddlers, size 1, which fit up to 14 lbs. We use size 1 so that you can enjoy the cake for awhile before taking it apart.

So if you know anyone who is expecting a baby, head on over to Diaper Cakewalk and see what they have to offer. These cakes make great shower gifts and decorations. I also think that they are a great alternative to bringing flowers to the hospital for a new mom. Not only will she have something pretty to look at but she will actually get use of it and it costs about the same price as you would pay for a large bouquet of flowers.

Oh and just so you know the cake is even Aubs approved. I don't think the toy elephant is every going to make it to little sister.

Trying to break the elephant free

Got it! With a little bit of help from Mama.

Diaper Cakewalk provided me with their product to review but all opinions in this post are entirely my own.

Monday, June 18, 2012

28 Weeks


I got the dreaded call last week that my glucose test was high so I would need to take the 3 hour test to make sure that I don't have gestational diabetes. It isn't too much of a shocker because I had GD when I was pregnant with Aubs but I took a glucose test at 14 weeks that came back negative so my hopes were high that I would skip it this time around.

I'm pretty sure that if I failed the one hour I am going to fail the three hour too. Hopefully it will be like last time and I will able to control it with diet alone. It actually worked out pretty well last time, I ended up losing 5 pounds the first week that I went on the diet and then barely gained anymore weight throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Aubs also only weighed 7 lbs 10 oz when she was born so I did my job well. I'm not looking forward to pricking my finger four times a day and I'm definitely not looking forward to not eating pizza but you do what you gotta do.

This afternoon I also go back to the high risk doctor for an ultrasound to make sure the baby is growing adequately. If you're not familiar with why I have to do this you can read about it here. I'm hoping everything looks good. From her movement it seems to me like she is growing big and strong so hopefully the ultrasound will confirm that. I am also bringing Joey with me this time because last time all of the high risk talk(even though I'm not technically considered high risk)had my blood pressure through the roof. Also the doctor who is not my usual doctor wasn't very forthcoming with information and my husband will be better at pushing that out of him if we need to. Wish me and baby girl lots of luck!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Whip it Good


When I was little my mom used to make these squares all the time for school functions, girl scouts, boy scouts- you name it. Having made them for the first time myself the other day I can now see why she did. Not only are they delicious and pretty but they are about the easiest dessert in the world to make. I always remember them as being one of the first dishes to get gobbled up at those functions too. There is pretty much nothing like food and smells to bring you back to the warm fuzzies of childhood. The COOL WHIP Whipped Topping is what really sends this dessert over the top. It gives the dessert that whipped topping taste without have all the mess. Although like you can always throw some more on top like I did which I guess kind of defeats the purpose but the COOL WHIP flavor is so great that you really can’t get enough.


2 cups of boiling water
6 oz box of strawberry flavored gelatin mix (or whatever flavor you fancy)
1/2 cup of cold water
2-3 cups of COOL WHIP- depending on how thick you want you COOL WHIP layer and how big your pan is.


Combine gelatin mix and boiling water in a large bowl until all of the gelatin is dissolved. Then add your 1/2 cup of cold water. Next mix in the COOL WHIP topping. The COOL WHIP should completely melt and look sort of like a frothy foam in the mixture. Pour the contents of your bowl into a square or rectangular cake pan and place in the fridge until firm. I recommend leaving it overnight. The COOL WHIP will separate as it chills and create a two-layered bar. All there's left to do is cut into squares and enjoy!

Do you have a special dessert you'd like to share? Enter COOL WHIP's Fan Dessert of the Month Contest for a chance to win $500! Simply make a COOL WHIP dessert, take a photo, and upload it here. Enter now!

COOL WHIP is wonderful on so many things such as coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream and pretty much every dessert imaginable. My grandmother was always a big cobbler and pie baker and she would never show up to a family functions without COOL WHIP to accompany all of her desserts. It was particularly fabulous on her pumpkin pie and pumpkin crumble bars. Of course I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that no pumpkin pie or pumpkin dessert is really complete without COOL WHIP topping. Although COOL WHIP is great in all of those things that I mentioned, my favorite thing to do with it by far is put it on top of strawberries. I even let Aubs try it out for the for the first time last night- I think she approves. She even made hers more special by adding graham cracker goldfish to the top.



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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kitchen Closet Remodel

Our kitchen closet is finally done! Well almost done, there are still a few details we want to add but for the most part it is finished. We've been talking about redoing it since we moved in over three years ago and have just been putting it off. Since we have the new baby on the way we decided that we might as well do it now because our time will be limited for the next year or so.

Basically the closet before was a huge mess. It wasn't very functional for our storage needs. The bottom had a small desk area that wasn't even big enough to fit a chair and then there were 6 drawers. The drawers over the past three years have ended up being huge junk drawers. We had stuff in there that we didn't even remember that we had in addition to lots of things that we didn't really need. The top portion of the closet was shelves which worked pretty well for us but they were just open shelves so that didn't leave a lot of creative options as far as organized storage went.

Fortunately we were able to hire a friend's father in-law who is a contractor to construct a more functional space for us. We talked to him about exactly what we wanted and he got to work. What we wanted was an office space with enough room to put a chair in, shelving that would be able to hold a good amount of storage boxes and closed shelving on the bottom portion so that the kids wouldn't be able to get into it.
Also we wanted to leave the doors off of the closet to create more of an alcove so that space would have to look presentable. He was able to do all of this for us and it turned out better than I ever dreamed it would.

The Before
I wasn't joking about it being a mess, because of the doors we would end up just throwing everything and anything in there. After awhile it all got really stacked up and we ended up holding on to many things we didn't need because it was out of sight out of mind.

Because of what we needed the entire closet needed to be gutted so that a new unit could be built from scratch.

Gorgeous, right? It opens up our kitchen so much more and now we have a new place to display all the Willow Tree figurines that my Mom buys me. Plus an organized place for my cookbooks that I use all the time.

The only thing that I still want to do is paint the wall in the desk area and add a pendent light above the desk. I'm think that because the area is so small I can go pretty bold with it and possibly even do a stenciled pattern or even tape a chevron print.

Also if you haven't done so already you should head on over to It's Just Called Spicy and enter her birthday giveaway. I am giving away a $20 Target giftcard and there is lots of other stuff up for grabs- winner takes all.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

27 Weeks


I'm actually closer to 28 weeks- Wednesdays are my turnover days so I will be 28 weeks tomorrow. I am starting to reach that uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. It's getting harder to bend over constantly like when Aubs thinks it's funny to repeatably drop things on the floor to be "funny". It's also getting harder to run around with her and play. I feel like I'm becoming the un-fun parent because I can no longer throw her in the air and I get winded a lot faster when we are running around or dancing. I am trying to just push through it but it is rough sometimes. Also yesterday it was 93 and humid here so that is a whole other kind of uncomfortable.

Another thing that has been going on this week is that I have been really turned off by meat. Mainly just preparing it has been nearly unbearable. The smell and the feel of it makes me gag when I am cooking. I joke with my husband that we are only eating vegetarian for the rest of my pregnancy and he told me that's okay as long as I put some chicken in with his rice and beans. I read this quote the other week from the actor Peter Dinklage where he said that he wouldn't want to hurt a cow or a chicken so he wouldn't ask someone else to do it for him and that's why he's a vegetarian. That really hit home with me. While I wouldn't see myself having a problem with birds or fish, cows and pigs would be a problem. I don't think I could kill them, maybe because they are mammals? I don't know, but it has me thinking that maybe I should lay off the red meat and pork. Not having a steak or bacon for the rest of my life would probably be a little rough though. Although at the moment those things don't seem appealing to me at all.

Okay back to pregnancy- this baby is kicking me like crazy. Last night I had a really hard time falling asleep because girly was kicking me at all angles. Seriously it felt like she was doing jumping jacks in my stomach. Aubs moved but not this much. Aubs big thing was hiccups which I haven't really felt yet from this one. I think it's pretty amazing but it can also be a little annoying at times when she is all up in my rib cage.


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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Fun


I had meant to post these pictures during the week last week but if you have been following me on my various social media outlets, you know that I have been dealing with a very sick toddler. It all started on Wednesday night and hasn't let up since. Her fever has been going up and down from around 100 degrees all the way up to 104. She looks like crap. I feel so bad for her but we just have to let the nasty virus run it's course. Thankfully my husband and I have been able to steer clear of it so far. I'm just hoping that it isn't laying dormant in my body at this moment just waiting to show it's ugly face. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Okay so on with the show. What I really wanted to talk about in this post is how great I think cousins are. Aubrey has three cousins- Angelia, Nick and Nathan. While Aubs loves them all, she particularly adores Nathan and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual. They are only 15 months apart so now that Aubs has reached full blown toddler stage they are very much on the same level. It's so awesome to see them play and interact together.

I think that having lots of cousins is kind of dying out. What I mean by that is in general people are having smaller families these days and smaller families means less aunts and uncles and then less cousins. Also people don't hang around were they grew up as much anymore so cousins many times grow up states away from each other. I think that it is kind of sad because I love that Aubs has cousins, just as I loved having cousins when I was little. I am also super sad that my new little one won't have any cousins around her age to play with. I'm pretty sure she will be the baby of the family. She will be just fine but Nick and Lia are so close and now Nate and Aubs that I wish baby girl had a little cousin playmate too.

***These photos were all taken last weekend- we couldn't take sicky out in public or around other littles this weekend***






And then Aubs decided to take a swim with her dress on.....

Photobucket least it got all of the ice pop stains out.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012



I took a little unexpected break from blogging this week. I have been so busy that I haven't had a moment to sit down and when I do get that little bit of time around 9:30/10 at night I haven't felt like opening the computer. On top of my crazy schedule my little one is sick. On Tuesday morning when she woke up, I noticed that her feet were all scabbed up. The only thing I can think of to compare it to is that it looked like I rubbed the tops of her feet with a cheese grater. So I called her doctor and got an appointment for the next morning. It turns out that she has pretty bad eczema on her feet and because she was scratching it, it got infected. I would just have to give her antibiotics three times a day for seven days and use a medicated cream on her feet until they cleared up. No big deal, right?

Well I'm not sure if it is related but last night around 6:30 she started to get really warm and then threw up three times. She has never thrown up before so it was scary for her and for me. The poor little thing kept saying, "Sorry Mommy," which broke my heart. Oh and I forgot to mention that this happened when we were trying to eat dinner with my cousin and her boyfriend who are here from out of town. Thankfully we were at home though. Baby girl is still sick, she has been laying on my chest sleeping all day and I just laid her down in her bed because she has a fever and I thought she would sleep better in her bed under a fan than all hot and sticky on me. She won't eat though, so I have only been able to give her one dose of her antibiotics this morning after she ate half a banana and some vanilla milk. So yeah, it's been a little bit crazy around here.

Congratulations if you got through all of that. Now on to what we are currently up to. I am linking up with Harvesting Kale & This Amazing Day again this week.


Reading: Anything and everything. Her favorite books at the moment are Elmo and Sesame Street Sing-A-Song books. She is also very into picking out letters on every sign that she sees and telling me what they are. (I plan on doing a post next week on how I taught Aubrey her alphabet and how to identify all of her letter.)

Loving: Mama- lately my non-clinger has been a bit more clingy. She is also being really good about letting people she doesn't know well hold her. When we met up with my cousin the other day Aubrey wanted to sit in her lap and be picked up by her. I thought this was pretty cool since she hasn't seen her since she was about 5 months old.

Eating: Well if you read my intro above she isn't eating anything at the moment but this week in general she has been all about bananas.

Drinking: The usual- horizon milk boxes and water with a juice thrown in here and there.

Looking forward to: Not being sick anymore


Reading: Nothing. I finish Insurgent in about two days and I haven't been able to get into anything since. I downloaded "Then You Came" by Jennifer Weiner but I can't seem to get into it.

Loving: As bad as it sounds I am loving all the sicky snuggles that I am getting from Aubs. I am also loving my new closet that we just had built in my kitchen. I don't know if you remember the before photo but it look incredible now.

Eating: Like Aubs, I am loving bananas. Oh and I can't get enough avocado.

Drinking: Evian water is my new obsession. It's expensive but it takes like liquid cold mountain air- cheesy I know but that is honestly how I feel about it. It is amazing.

Looking forward to: The paint drying in our new closet so that we can start to get everything back in it and organized. I will do a post on it as soon as it is finished.


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Monday, June 4, 2012

26 Weeks


I'm starting to get big guys- like really big. So big that I find myself bumping into walls, people and random objects because I'm still not use to my suddenly large girth. I knew this was going to happen but it just has seemed to have really come out of nowhere the fast couple of weeks. Oh well- in 10 weeks I will look back on this photo and wish I was still that small.

Let's talk about preggo clothes. I'm not a big fan of maternity clothes and the maternity clothes that I do love are way too expensive. The one exception I will make is for jeans and jean shorts. I kind of have no other choice but to buy the maternity ones if I want to wear them. I have to go for the full panel type too because I have no butt and the kind that sit below the belly fall off of me. Thankfully Old Navy and Gap have some cute ones for pretty cheap. I have one pair of shorts and two pairs of jean capris but it is so hot here in Florida that you'll usually only find me in the shorts.

What I have been wearing almost everyday lately is dresses or skirts. As far as dresses go, I don't usually buy maternity I just buy bigger sizes in materials that have a little bit of give like cotton jersey. Old Navy has some great maxi dresses that are so easy to wear, I am actually wearing one in navy as I type this. Skirts are great too. A lot of long skirts have elastic waists so they are easy to wear on or right below your belly. The ones that I have been wearing the most lately are long and knee length with fold down waists that I wear unfolded over my belly.

It's a good time in fashion to be pregnant and not have to wear maternity. Most of the t-shirts and tanks that are out right now are cut longer so if you just go up a size or two from your normal, you can wear none maternity t-shirts and tanks comfortably without them riding up on your belly. I loaded up on tees and tanks for cheap over the memorial day weekend so hopefully they will last me through the summer. You can also find cute baby doll tops at stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, which are perfect for going over a round belly. They aren't as popular as they were a few years ago but they are still out there.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Favorite Photo from May


Are you sick of seeing all of my lovely beach photos? Too bad- I live 10 minutes from the beach and we are there a lot. Plus the natural light is fantastic. When I saw that the photo challenge over at The Paper Mama was favorite photo from May, I knew that I had to enter this gem. I think it would look great on canvas, don't you?

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

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