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Monday, June 4, 2012

26 Weeks


I'm starting to get big guys- like really big. So big that I find myself bumping into walls, people and random objects because I'm still not use to my suddenly large girth. I knew this was going to happen but it just has seemed to have really come out of nowhere the fast couple of weeks. Oh well- in 10 weeks I will look back on this photo and wish I was still that small.

Let's talk about preggo clothes. I'm not a big fan of maternity clothes and the maternity clothes that I do love are way too expensive. The one exception I will make is for jeans and jean shorts. I kind of have no other choice but to buy the maternity ones if I want to wear them. I have to go for the full panel type too because I have no butt and the kind that sit below the belly fall off of me. Thankfully Old Navy and Gap have some cute ones for pretty cheap. I have one pair of shorts and two pairs of jean capris but it is so hot here in Florida that you'll usually only find me in the shorts.

What I have been wearing almost everyday lately is dresses or skirts. As far as dresses go, I don't usually buy maternity I just buy bigger sizes in materials that have a little bit of give like cotton jersey. Old Navy has some great maxi dresses that are so easy to wear, I am actually wearing one in navy as I type this. Skirts are great too. A lot of long skirts have elastic waists so they are easy to wear on or right below your belly. The ones that I have been wearing the most lately are long and knee length with fold down waists that I wear unfolded over my belly.

It's a good time in fashion to be pregnant and not have to wear maternity. Most of the t-shirts and tanks that are out right now are cut longer so if you just go up a size or two from your normal, you can wear none maternity t-shirts and tanks comfortably without them riding up on your belly. I loaded up on tees and tanks for cheap over the memorial day weekend so hopefully they will last me through the summer. You can also find cute baby doll tops at stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, which are perfect for going over a round belly. They aren't as popular as they were a few years ago but they are still out there.

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  1. You are growing!!! And glowing! !! Can hardly wait another three months for a big name reveal!

  2. You look so gorgeous and sun-kissed. :) I am with you on the clothes and it being hard to find actual affordable maternity styles which are actually desirable. I've bought a few things to make due, but it's been a process for sure.

  3. You look so beautiful! I love that perfect belly! I have always found really cute and affordable maternity tops at Ross, and being pregnant in the summer is not too bad with all the stretchy skirts out there lately!

  4. aw you do look amazing!


  5. you look fabulous!!! I agree..with 9 pregnancies I never wore maternity tops...

  6. Adorable! And we are so close. I'm 25 weeks today :)


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