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Friday, September 23, 2011


2 Day Old Aubrey

Lately I've been thinking a lot about having more kids. It definitely has been something that I have always wanted but making the actual decision to start trying is a little scary. I guess it's like all things in life. When we set out to do things that seem so foreign and it can be frightening. I guess we just have to take the risk and hope for the best. It was like that with Aubrey too. I was amazingly excited when I found out that I was pregnant but I was also scared of changes that were happening in my life.

What seemed so scary then is now my wonderful everyday life. It has been a lot different from what my life use to be and some days are harder than others but I feel like we made the right decision to have our first child. Right is understatement, amazing decision would be more like it. I am sure I'm bound to feel the same when we set out for our next one but I still need a little bit of time. It will be soon just not right now. It is just me being scared of the unknown. Aubs needs a sib and when the time is right we will know.


Flashback Friday


  1. OMG...she is just precious! Beautiful little one!

  2. she is so adorable! :) and the next one will be just as cute! there is always room in the world for more love!

  3. I can surely relate to you my friend. I feel the eact same way. I guess we will just know, when we know.

    She is so tiny in this pic! Look at that baba belly. Too sweet!

  4. She's adorable!! I can see how you'd want a sibling for her :)

  5. Aubrey was an incredibly cute baby.
    I've been thinking about more kids lately, too. My husband and I only wanted one, then we had twins. We said we wouldn't have anymore, but in the last two months, the only thing I can think about is being pregnant, but the husband still doesn't want more kids. We decided that when our girls are out of diapers, we would revisit the idea, because we definitely do not want three babies in diapers!


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