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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Doodle Style: Swimsuit Edition

A baby in Florida requires multiple swimwear options
We are constantly in the pool or the ocean


All of the suits Aubs is wearing in these photos are from Baby Gap.
Actually almost all of her swimsuits are from Baby Gap.
My mom and I went a little crazy at their Memorial Day sale.

The bikini photo is one of my all time favorites

Like usual I am linking up with Morgan at Mama Loves Papa for Small Style


  1. Oh man, a girl after my own heart! She is the cutest little thing, I love those shades and the accesories!

  2. love the black and white one and the ruffle one--too cute! we bought audrey's swimsuit from baby gap too, it is turquoise with orange on it and a ruffle on the bottom!

  3. um...the black suite and the hat are amazing!!!!!

  4. Babies in swimsuits are the cutest. My daughters have a total of 5 suits between the two of them, even though we've only been to the beach once and the pool once this summer. They just rock their awesome suits in the kiddie pool in the backyard.

  5. Oh, she is so cute! I LOVE the ruffled bikini, too! So cute! (Finley's swimsuit is from Gap, too! LOVE their stuff!)

  6. What a cutie! I love the black one with the hat. We do multiple swim sets here too. In summer the kids are generally in either a swimsuit or underwear unless we are going out. It is just too hot for anything else.

  7. I didn't get to link up this week - your post is the cutest!
    I love every suit on her. Adorable.


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