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Friday, September 16, 2011

Things I'm Loving

*In My World*

Missoni for Target!
Yes Please
They are a little pricier than usual Target clothes
My justification is that "real" Missoni is crazy expensive
And a Floridian toddler needs all the sweaters she can get to make it through our harsh winters


She had to try on the shoes right away


I'm also loving that a cheap inter tube in the yard can provide hours of fun.

Going back to Target because I love love love Target
These freeze dried peaches are insane!
Archer Farms has the best stuff

*Everywhere Else*

I love this song.
The video is a little weird
The song starts at 54 seconds if you don't want to waste time watching the beginning

I'm so excited that Parenthood is back on!
I am also looking forward some other shows this fall like Modern Family & Boardwalk Empire
I might just have to stop blogging because I won't have time
Just kidding- that's what dvr is for
But seriously I probably watch more television than I should

I hope everyone has an absolutely amazing weekend!

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  1. OK. Reason #502 I have to have a little girl... THOSE shoes! OMGosh cute! Target & I are BFF's.

    Weird video, but rad song! Thanks mama!!

  2. Gorgeous shoes and Shawl !!
    Ok so I need a little girl just so I can have those shoes for her to wear lol

  3. What gorgeous clothes - particularly love your shoe shot.

  4. Your girl is way posh! Thanks for visiting my blog! It is pretty neat that Target started carrying fancy foods. I'm in love with some of the gourmet pizzas. mm

  5. Oh my gracious! So adorable! I love target too!!! Those peaches look yumm...we love dried fruit over at our house lol!!! thanks for the lead! STopping by from FTLOB!!!

  6. Stopping by from FTLOB! Your baby is too cute! Isn't this Missoni Madness crazy! Me and your daughter have matching shoes! :)

  7. The picture of the Missoni shoes paired with the skinny jeans is just too cute and your little girl is adorable!

  8. Cute combination of things :) looked like a fun day!

    I keep hearing about Target and it sounds amazing, but Im not sure there's anything similar here in the UK!

    Anyway, have a great weekend, here via FTLOB!

    Samantha xx

  9. I LOVE these shoes!!! They remind me a bit of the mini shoes we make, but with a beautiful ethnic touch.... LOVE! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your sweet comment on my "15 de septiembre" post! By the way, I left a little thankyou note:


    greetings from mexico!

  10. oh my gosh! I love parenthood! :] I'm also beyond excited that its back on!

  11. So super cute! I miss dressing my little girls -- the clothes were sooooo fun.

    FUn and lovely list of favorites!

    Blessings to you, blogging friend!



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