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Monday, July 30, 2012

That's Not My Name

Inappropriate but oh so funny

Like I have mentioned before, I think we have finally settled on a name for baby girl #2. If you think I'm revealing it now- you're mistaken. What fun would that be? What I thought I would do is give you the names that we liked but are not using. I'm always interested in everyone's name list so I thought it would be fun to share mine. Feel free to steal these glorious naming options.

Charlotte- This actually wasn't a contender this time around but it was such a strong contender in the first round that I thought I would share it anyway. When I was pregnant with Aubrey I was pretty set on naming her Charlotte and then nicknaming her Charlie almost right up until we found out we were having a girl. Then I got cold feet about it because I thought it was going to become super popular. Turns out that Aubrey is more popular than Charlotte so the jokes on me. The reason we didn't consider it at all this time around is because if there is a (slim) chance that we decide to try for #3 and it's a boy we will name him Joseph Charles after my husband and then nickname him Charlie because the thought of having two Joeys in the house drives me crazy.

Piper- If I had not opened my mouth about baby girl's name than her name would have most likely been Piper. I have loved Piper forever but the hubs wasn't too keen on it the 1st go around. Since Aubrey was pretty much his choice, he gave me more wiggle room this time and was okay with Piper. Unfortunately his family showed extreme distaste for the name. While I know that it's my kid and my choice, it didn't feel right for me anymore because our close family seemed to so strongly hate it. For the record- my mom loved it and is still a little pissed we're not using it.

Tessa- This is another leftover from my first pregnancy. I loved it but Joey did not. One of the things that I really liked about it was that it sounded cute with my middle name Tyler. I thought it would be kind of nice for her to have the same middle name as me. Everyone else seemed to like the name too but in the end I decided that I liked it way more two years ago than I like it now.

Hadley- I just really thought this was a cute name. I heard it for the first time in a movie The Upside of Anger and had been keeping it in my back pocket ever since. I have also been seeing the name a lot more lately so maybe it will become popular.

Zoe- We were pretty sure that we were going to go with this name after Piper was ruled out. We went about a month thinking that this was going to be our choice. My big concern with it is that it is getting really popular, I think because of actress Zooey Deschanel. The kicker that made me change my mind is that Zoe sounds way too close to Joey which is my husband's name. He goes by Joe but I call him Joey and to have a Joey and a Zoe in the house would drive me bananas. My mom brought this up to me, I think she was just trying to get me to switch back to Piper but I'm glad that she made the point regardless.

There you have it- my close call baby names. You'll have to wait until September(or maybe August) to know the name we chose. I will let you know that it isn't a very popular name, it falls somewhere in the 300s as far as popularity in the U.S. goes.

What are your "almost" baby names?


  1. That should also read... Mama from OTP is also pissed about Piper. Cutest name ever! FYI... one of my sister's names is Tyler Marie.... have you thought of using it for a first name?

  2. If we would have had boys, they would have been Henry and Oliver. Now I'm so glad we didn't have boys and go that route, because Henry is everywhere these days. We never really had lists that we considered, other than the names we chose for our girls. I was hesitant to use Veronica, because I HATE the nickname Roni. Yuck (and sorry to anyone with that nickname). If we have another, we'll probably go with family names, though we haven't really given it much thought.

    I'm excited to find out what you chose for your little girl.

  3. We love the name Zoe for a girl. Noland and I were having trouble picking girl names... because we couldn't agree. I liked Ava but its become pretty popular. and we both like Zoe Jane (Jane being the middle name) but Zoe is also popular. Piper is a great name. Reminds me of that show Charmed... but great and uncommon.
    Gosh, I can't wait to hear what name you have picked out! And I'm sure you are just as ready as I am for babies to be here. My back pain has increased and I'm just hoping we get our act together with putting together the crib before the little guy gets here. haha.

  4. Charlotte is my future 2nd baby girl name, I love charlie for short

  5. I'm just happy Piper is up for grabs! Although I'm pretty convinced I would have all boys. I like Charlotte too using the nickname as Charlie.
    I'm still laughing about the thing about strippers. I felt bad for having so much stripper name talk at the park...I always forget I don't know everyones name around me lol

  6. Oh my, I should give that card to half my students parents "Mystie?! Really?! You think she will be taken seriously on job applications with that name?" (sorry to anyone who has/ likes/ named their child that...hopefully you at least spelled it correctly.)

  7. Oh! These are ALL super glorious names Mal! I am such a name whore. I am so crazy excited to see your baby girls sweet face & finally find out her name! Lol... my parents almost named me "Tiffany" I like Melanie a whole lot more now! Lol)

    Hope your doing great hon! xo

  8. This made me giggle! Love funny ecards :p
    Even before Brandon and I had concieved we always knew we wanted our daughter to be named Violet Marie, so it wasn't hard.
    But when we have another girl, My big 3 are Poppy Mae, Vera Mae, or Luna Belle.
    I love classic names with a quirky twist.

    The name Aubrey so reminds me of classic Audrey Hepburn.

  9. Awesome ecard! lol

    This is a cute idea, sharing your almost names, so many people still don't like to share even after they choose names. I love the name Charlotte and nickname Charlie, I don't have any kids but I've definitely had that one on a "maybe someday list" previously (not any more.) I also know a little girl named Hadley and she is a doll! I never liked that name until I met her. My fiance and I do have each a boys name and girls named picked out for when we do have kids in a few years - luckily the girls name has never even been in the top 1,000 popular names list ever! I'm pretty excited about it and hope we still love it just as much when we do finally have kids.

    Visiting from the GFC blog hop!

  10. Just found you through GFC blog hop---it looks like the next baby will be here soon! Come check us out at http://www.thechirpingmoms.com for our baby week which is going on all week---lots of great posts and giveaways every day. Hope you stop by:)


  11. Love your someecard...

    Newest follower from GFC hop. Love for you to stop and return the follow when you can.

    Hosting Like Me On Facebook Hop later. Love to have you link up!



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