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Thursday, July 26, 2012



I haven't done a currently post in awhile so I figured I'd link up with Harvesting Kale and This Amazing Day to let you know what's currently going on with me.

Enjoying My last few weeks as a mama of one. I can't believe Aubs isn't going to be my only little one very soon. I am just trying to soak up our last days alone together. It's rough though because I am huge and tired but I just keep holding on to the thought that these moments will soon be gone.

Learning I love the horizontal striped walls that have been all over the internet and decided that I would give it a shot in the nursery. What I didn't take into consideration is that most of those striped walls out there are in bathrooms, not along 12 foot walls. Yeah so I'm learning that painting really long horizontal stripes is difficult and frustrating. I am also learning that I do DIY projects best on my own, I wanted to kill my husband last night when we were taping everything off.

Inspired New baby girl has inspired us to do a bunch of home improvements. I thinks it because we know that we soon won't have the time to get them done. It's also made me become more creative and crafty again. I've been doing lots of little crafts for the girl's rooms and playroom and I also have a lot more that I plan on getting done before the little one arrives.

Becoming Huge! Obviously... we can tack on sluggish and overly tired. Let't throw in overwhelmed for good measure.

Indulging Iced Chai Tea Lattes with nonfat milk from Starbucks are my current weakness. They are also my go to stress reliever these days. Also I have been eating ice cream more than I probably should. My current favorite is Bluebell's Century Sundae. It's vanilla ice cream with chocolate, caramel, whipped topping and maraschino cherries- so ridiculous.

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  1. I kind of envy this transition from being a mom of one to being a mom of two. I never had that. I've never had that chance to give all my attention to just one child. I've been juggling my time, energy, and attention since day one. You are going to be an amazing mom to both of your littles!

  2. Ummm that ice cream sounds amazing, thanks for letting me know about it (NOT!)

  3. Hi there! I found you through the Currently link up! I will be 35 weeks this Saturday! Love finding mamas due around the same time as me. I am going from 2 to 3 and my kids are older (8 and 5 1/2) so there is going to be a lot adjusting around here too! I look forward to reading and following your blog!


  4. I'm also a DIY ALONE kind of person, so I can totally relate to your frustrations with your husband! I do love the horizontal striped walls though and look forward to seeing how it turned out in your nursery!

  5. I am totes a DIY project loner, too! I mean, I don't mind friends doing their own projects with me, but don't mess with my shiz, yo! And the husby? Just no. It's always a nightmare because he isn't NEARLY the perfectionist I am. Fun times. And p.s. I can't wait to see that little baby girl! I bet you're SO excited!!

  6. Girl, I wish you lived close so I could invite you over for a play date, & we I'd make you the BEST Chai Tea Latte (Skin milk) around! Better than Starbucks. Sounds like you are totally in the nesting stage, the stripes sound perfect! LOVE the lil bug pic)

  7. That is just the sweetest photo! How exciting that you are so close to having your second baby! I remember those last few weeks with my daughter were so hard to get through. I spent a lot of time laying on the couch and whining lol.

  8. That ice cream sounds so good! And that must be hard to think of not having time for just Aubs anymore, but it'll just all click into place, or so I've heard!

  9. O i love the picture!! so exciting for next baby, im a few weeks from our #2 as well!!



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