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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

33 Weeks


Alright, first things first. I think we have finally decided on a name for the little one. I'm not bananas about the middle name that we have picked out because it very run of the mill and I was hoping to stay away from that. The problem is that we can't find too many names that we like that flow nice as a middle name so we are settling. Although it is a beautiful name so I'm just going to suck it up and forget that probably 50% of girls born in the last 5 years mother's also thought it was a beautiful middle name. I'm not ready to reveal it yet though because that would make it seem too set in stone. I like that we have nothing with her name on it so there is some wiggle room at the end if we decide to go with something else. When I was pregnant with Aubrey we had a bunch of stuff with her name on it so on days that I was doubting her name, I felt a little bit stuck. I am kind of dying to get one of these necklaces with all of our names on it but I suppose I can wait.

As far as pregnancy goes, I continue to get more and more uncomfortable. This baby is all up in my ribs at all times of the day. She is still quite the mover too. Although one of the common symptoms of having an anterior placenta is feeling less movement, I have not experienced that yet. I still feel her more than I ever felt Aubrey. I double checked with my midwife on complications with the anterior placenta and she assured me that it shouldn't be an issue because it wasn't low lying. Her exact words were, "The placenta has to go somewhere." I have also been having some slightly painful pressure at times and minor braxton hicks contractions. Maybe this means she'll come a week or so early? Keep your fingers crossed for me on that one!

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  1. Yay! It is getting so close! Can't wait for baby no-names big reveal!

  2. 33 weeks already!! I'm looking forward to meeting your little lady in a few more weeks.

  3. I love that necklace. I kinda wish I had gotten a necklace instead of a ring with the names on it.. Can't wait to hear the baby's name!

  4. That's really interesting about the placenta! I had anterior the first time and posterior now and I feel this baby WAY more!

  5. how exciting! i think its fine to give them a run of the mill middle name. My daughter's middle name is Marie. Not that we particularly liked it, but it flowed well with her first name, Violet. The middle names not so important to kids though I guess :p

  6. Wow, 33 weeks! I felt the same about our name. Not the middle yet, we are still deciding on that, but wanting to keep it pretty private and not receive or have a bunch of items with her name on them before she was born. (other than the ones I've made myself...)


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