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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

34 Weeks


Only 6 weeks left! Ahhh- so crazy, we are counting down weeks not months here. Six weeks seems like no time at all considering how fast my weeks usually seem to go by. I mean, it's already Wednesday. Crunch time I suppose. We are almost done painting the nursery and I just need to find a rug, some curtains and a chair cover that I like and that don't cost a fortune. I tend to have expensive taste and I completely blame that on my mother (thanks Mom)! As far as "stuff" goes, I have everything I need or at least ordered that I wanted to have before she arrives, except the pack n' play which my mother inlaw is buying us. I ordered a few things that I have been putting off today- new tubes and shields for my breast pump(glamorous, huh?), a miracle blanket(our Godsend with Aubs) and a nursing nightgown for the hospital. I'm not usually a nightgown kind of girl but I want to take the hospital gown off as soon as possible and pants/shorts aren't very convenient when you have midwives coming in and checking out your area every 12 hours or so, TMI?

Other than having everything ready, I'm really just trying to mentally prepare for this. Not that I even really think that it's possible to mentally prepare for something like this. I guess like I said before, my biggest worry is how Aubrey is going to handle such a huge change. I hate that I might be the one who is responsible for her feelings getting hurt. I kind of want to delete that last sentence because it sounds so stupid but I really don't know how else to word it. I guess I just have to keep reminding myself that the adjustment period will pass and in the end Aubs won't be able to imagine life without her little sister.

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  1. You're getting closer! SO exciting! We had our second 4 months ago. Our toddler handled the change pretty well, but he still thinks he's the baby. LOL :) Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming (they are 16mo. apart), but I think I've adjusted to the 2-kid thing pretty well... I'm sure that you'll do AWESOME!

    xoxo ♥ -Sharhttp://sharmartinez.blogspot.com

  2. I love this picture, it's beautiful! Hope things continue to move along smoothly as you get closer to the end. I don't have experience with two kids (or even one, yet), but as the second daughter I'm sure she will adjust after some time to get used to a new baby around. There's nothing like a big sister, mine is my biggest cheerleader and best friend!

  3. you are gorgeous mama! Raygan was only 17 months old when we welcomed her little sister so it was quite different because she didnt "get it" at all! I remember being so scared that she might feel betrayed by a new little one. Everything worked its course and they are the best of friends, Raygan love love loves being a big sister. I cant wait to read about aubree as a big sister!

  4. Getting closer! You and my sister in law are due right around the same time. I love your dress in that picture.

  5. Wow, congrats! You are SO close! Ha ha, not TMI, I'm totally curious about how it all goes! I love when bloggers share : ) And that sentence about Aubs (adorable, by the way) - so not stupid at all. I think it's natural to worry about that. I think it also will be natural between Aubs and her baby sister - faster than you expect! My friend's little boy took to saying that his baby brother was "his baby" - so cute! : )

  6. love the baby bump!

    come say hi over at nichollvincent.blogspot.com and have a great night!

  7. That's a nice bump you have there. I think pregnant women in long dresses always look so beautiful.

  8. So exciting! =) I want to have a bump too. Followed.

  9. So pretty! I can't believe there's only six weeks left!


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