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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Doodle Style: Dress Edition

Oh how do I love dresses on little girls. I couldn't wait for Aubrey to walk so that I could put dresses on her. Unfortunately she was totally content with crawling so she didn't walk fully on her own until she was 14 months old. I've been making up for lost time and throwing dresses on her a couple of times a week. They are nice and cool for the summer heat.


A. Gap
B. Walmart
C. Gymboree
D. Gap
E. Ebay

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  1. I LOVE my boy! I LOOOOVE my boy!! I want a little girl someday(sooooo badly)though to dress her up all cute like your little Aubrey! She is a lil fashionista!

  2. My little one just started walking this month and I am so happy! She would get so frustrated with dresses while crawling etc. Duh! Your little one is a doll!

  3. One of my favorite things to do each day is pick out clothes for my girls. My daughters never had a problem crawling in dresses, though, so they've been wearing them all along.
    I also love layering their dresses over pants. It extends the length of time they can wear their dresses and it's super cute.

  4. She looks gorgeous in all of them!
    I love dresses too, especially in summer. I have always put my girls in them from day one even before they could walk. It did help that all my kids bottom shuffled rather than crawled so dresses never bothered them.


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