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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Name Game

I love names. Just ask my mom, I have been telling her my baby names since as long as I can remember. She always said the same thing, "You will change it a million times before the time comes." She was totally right. It is one thing to say what you'd like to name your hypothetical baby and another to actually name a living breathing human being.

I think the reason I love names so much is because I love my name. Neither my first or middle name is very popular, Mallory Tyler. {Thanks Mom} I loved that I rarely bump into anyone with my name, it makes me feel special. My husband whose name is Joe thinks I'm crazy because I get all giddy when there is a character in a book or a movie with my name. I guess when I really think about it is silly but hey it's my thing.

I had always hoped to give my kids names that were a little bit different. Not completely off the wall just names that weren't over used. I failed a little bit on that with Aubrey. While her name isn't Olivia or Sophia, it's still a bit more common than I had hoped for. I guess I just didn't expect people to be so nasty about my name choices. I knew people would have opinions but I personally have always been sensitive towards pregnant women when they told me the names that they were throwing around. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I would like it if I didn't but I would politely say it wasn't my favorite name. I have found that I am nicer than most people when it comes to this. With Aubs, my husband really loved the name and it seemed like the name that I got the least amount of shit for from everyone else so I just went with it.

This baby is probably going to be my last so I am standing my ground this time. I was telling people what names I was thinking about when they asked but now I have decided to keep my choices to myself for the most part. The name that I absolutely love has turned out to be very much hated by my husband's family. My mom actually loves the name and most of my friends do too but all the negativity I got had me a little bummed out. While that name isn't my final choice, it is still definitely in the running regardless of the naysayers.

Okay ladies- tell me your favorite girl's names.


I am also linking up with my girl, Jenna. You should head on over and check out her blog because she is expecting a little one right after mine is due.
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  1. I would so love to tell you my future daughters name but I'm holding it hostage... Along with my future sons name :) but besides my secret names, I like Avery which I can never use because I have an Ava, and I also kind of like Harper, but can't decide if I'm cool enough to name my kid that. And i think Arden is cute but my husband wasnt crazy about it. I like my baby names to be classic, some things sound cute for a baby but they do grow up and will have to get a job one day. I loved the name Ava and had it picked out years before I had her. It was not as popular then, but now it's in the top 10. Oh well I still have yet to meet another Ava but I know they are out there

    1. I love all your picks - Ava, Harper and Arden. We were also thinking Lindley if Eli had turned out to be a girl. Other favourites: Rowan, Maren, Marlo, Charlotte.

  2. I like katniss. I do not like top 10 baby names although there normally cute, I prefer my child be the only one with that name in class. I also like when u use family names that are found way back in family trees and using the last name as a first name. Either way go with your gut. It's your baby don't let anyone change ur mind.

  3. I love Lila, Kai, Afton, Zara, & Charlotte. Those are definitely my favorite because I do not like common names either. Lila is pretty common but it is one of my top picks because it is just so cute! Plus it sounds great with Elizabeth which is going to be the middle name of my baby if it's a girl with whatever first name we end up choosing.

  4. I'm a fan of Ainsley, Anschen, and Paget. I also like Clare, but that's quite a common option :)

  5. Thanks girl for the little shout out at the end.
    I love names but my hubby and I were glad it turned out to be a boy because we were having a really hard time with girl names. I liked Ava Marie.. but Ava has become so common now. I like your name too. It is really rare, I think I've only known of 2 other Mallorys in my lifetime. I also like my name because I only know of one other Jenna besides the porn star Jenna Jamison.. unfortunately she ruins it.. haha
    For our lil guy, he will be named after my husband because it is a family name: Noland David Jr.
    and the name Noland is not too common.. besides famous baseball legend Nolan Ryan.

    For other girl names, I don't like Sophia because it is just too common now. I know like 5 babies named Sophia. Noland and I tend to shy away from names that can be used as a guy and girl names..like Morgan or Casey. That makes it hard too. We like Elizabeth..even though that is somewhat common because we think the nick name "Lizzy" is so cute. I also like Grace with the nick name "Gracie". Our first girl name we loved when we started dating was Agnes Jane. It sounds old school but the little girl in Despicable me is named Agnes and she is so cute. We also figured we could shorten it to "A.J." unless she was in trouble haha.
    My niece is named Lila Rosalie. I think that is cute. Girl names are so hard. I don't know why.. can't wait to hear what you name that sweet little one of yours.

  6. Abigail (ie. Abby) and Lilly

  7. Being a teacher I have a feeling it will be very hard for me to name my future children. There are soo many names I just hear way too often (I have 3 Emmas, 2 Noahs, and 3 Sams all in one class!) and so many names that bring up memories of students...some good some not so good ;) I have come across a few interesting, definitely not overused ones though: Quinlyn, Eleri, Rayna, Tierney, Adeliah, Alydia, Meadow, and Devin. My personal favorites for a little girl (hopefully mine someday) are: Eloise, Lucy, Lila, and Cecelia.

  8. I have ALWAYS LOVED names Soooo much! Especially girls names. I have a list on my ipod that is ever changing. I seriously add names, that even if I like em a little, every day. It SUCKS because I have loved Sophia, Lilly, Ema, Olivia(there's so many cute nick names for Olivia...) FOREVER. NOT anymore.. too many of them.

    A few of my now favs are. Livvy, Paisely, Mia, Madelyn, & Lucy. Just to name a few)lol)

    Mal, SCREW what everyone else thinks. As long as YOU & the hubs like it, whatEVER! & as long as it wont emotionally scar your child)lol)

    Can I PleeeeeeASE know what name you like? PLEASE?!!! (I told you mine) XO


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