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Monday, May 28, 2012

25 Weeks


Nothing much new this week on the pregnancy front. I guess this is when I regret not doing one of those little survey things everyone else does for each week of their pregnancy. I just feel like on a week to week basis, not much changes. What has been going on this week is that the reality that I am running out of time being a mom of one child is approaching and it's approaching fast. I don't think there is really any good way to prepare because no situation is ever exactly the same. When people ask me if I can believe that I am having another, my response is the same as when I was pregnant with Aubs, "It won't feel totally real until we bring her home from the hospital." Do you remember that feeling of walking into your house for the first time with a brand new baby? It all feels so strange. I remember my mother in-law saying, "where do you want me to lay her down," right after we brought Aubrey home and I had no idea. I mean Aubs had never really been in my house before, I didn't know where I wanted to lay her down. Sure I had plenty of options- crib, pack n' play, bouncer, anywhere really but I didn't know what she would like or what I would like her to be. Now it's almost time for us to go through that awkward beginning phase again.

I am also nervous about the amount of work that having two kids will be. I guess I'm not really nervous about the work really just how I am going to juggle it all. I want to be able to care for the baby as best I can while still being an attentive mama to Aubs. I feel like I will always be short changing someone. I suppose I will figure it all out as I go because I'm definitely not the first person to ever have more than one child and surely I won't be the last. I would love some advice from all my other mama friends of two out there. How did you manage it in the beginning?

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  1. Firstly your are looking fabulous mama!
    I agree a weekly pregnancy update is a bit much, I wouldn't know what to write about. It is all very exciting though and I love your little story about where to lay Aubrey, it's so strange I remember sitting there with my hubby thinking ummm what do we do now? lol x x

  2. SOOO pretty! LOVE your polka dots & stripes. I often wonder too what it would be like w/ 2 little ones running around. (May peace be w/ you my friend.) LOl/..... hahaa... just jkn! When baby #2 gets a bit bigger they can play together & entertain themselves!

  3. I remember our first day home with Eli so well. When it was bedtime Peter and I just looked at each other and were like...what do we do with him? Do we just lay him down? We felt so awkward. I definitely relate to your story about bringing Aubrey home! You are looking great and you'll handle having two little ones just fine. I'm sure it's one of those things you just figure out as you go.

  4. I'm so nervous about how I'm going to handle 2 also! And get enough sleep!

  5. I felt the same way when I was preggo with Nico. First I thought that there was no way I could love another kid as much as him - wrong. Then I was worried that he'd feel like he wasn't as important once Lola was here - wrong, again. Since she obviously needed way more attention in the beginning, I just made sure to include him, too. I let him help me do pretty much everything but breastfeeding, lol. He absolutely loved (and still loves) it!

  6. Oh you'll make it. :) The first few months will take some adjusting, but you'll figure it all out and eventually you'll get back in to a routine. I thought the hardest part was realizing I'll have almost no quiet time during the day. Sometimes it works out, but not often. I've absolutely loved watching the two kids together though and Andrew's so crazy about his baby sister. It's cute!


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