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Friday, May 11, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness V.2


Like I've said before- my daughter is a handful but she also keeps us laughing constantly. Here are some of the cute things she does and says that make us happy.

~She is quite the dancer/jumper/fist pumper
~She busts out twinkle twinkle little star and her alphabet randomly
~She loves to help and after she completes a task she says, "Thank you, Aubrey."
~Every time that I ask her if she loves something she says, "Awe" and cuddles it against her neck.
~She says "I yuv you" almost every time she gives out kisses
~She thinks that anyone in a magazine that remotely looks like a person she knows that it is indeed that person.
~She yells, "Timber!" every time she knocks something over.
~This one is bittersweet but when she is in time out and the dog is watching her she apologizes profusely to the dog. "I sorry Ruby," followed by a whine cry.

I think that the only reason anyone really gets through the terrible twos is because they can just be so freaking cute.




Mrs Stephanie T

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