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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

I love celebrating the new year
I love the feeling of a fresh start
It feels like the Monday of all Mondays
Even though it's technically not a Monday this year but you know I mean


Here are a few things that I plan on kicking ass at in 2012:
{If you notice me slipping, feel free to call me out on it}

-Eat clean and make cook clean delicious meals for my family. I have been falling off with healthy cooking and eating. Not only does it make me and my husband gain weight but it also makes us feel sluggish. I just wish my husband enjoyed fresh vegetables as much as I do. Plus Aubs needs a good example. She adores salad though so that's my go to with her.

-Exercise 5 days a week- Aubs loves the kids club at the gym so it's a win win. I am also going off red bull so I could use the extra energy boost that cardio gives me.

-Learn how to use my camera more efficiently. I need to do the work, read the information and practice. I would love to have more beautiful and clear photos of my family.

-Read more. I already read a lot but I need to read more non fiction.

-Write more. I used to absolutely love to write and now I don't take the time to sit down and put a real quality piece together. I miss being super proud of something I have written.

-This one is kind of lame but I want to keep up with my hair. When I don't get it done every couple of months I don't feel as good about myself as I usually would.

-Grow a vegetable garden. I live in Florida, I can almost garden the whole year so there is no excuse.

Are there any resolutions that you are dead set on following through on?


  1. Your photos are great, but I hear ya on exploring our cameras more. That's what of my resolutions...or things to do. :)

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Happy New Year Mallory & family! I like your "kick ass" goals of 2012! I can totally relate to your NOT so lame goal of keeping up with your hair. I feel the same way, if my hair looks good and is healthy I feel much better about myself...its kinda feel like i seem bolder, braver, more out there like i can tackle the world. If my hair looks like crap, i feel more shy and dont want anyone to notice me. LOL weird i know.

    I also want to explore my camera and all it can do as well as photo editing software.

    I also want to start an etsy shop.

    I also want to eat healthier and not diet but make a life changing decision to be over all healthy.

    I also do NOT want to have any babies in 2012! LOL I got married in 2009, had a baby in 2010 and another in 2011.... I think I will wait a couple more years before adding another! :)

    PS i wish i could grow a garden! LUCKY...im stuck in the good ole rocky dirt of PA

  3. You can do it love!! I'll keep you accountable ;) Hope you had a lovely New Years Eve!

  4. Hellllo can we talk about your beautiful new banner?! Looove it!

  5. Good luck with your resolutions! Following you from the blog hop.

  6. Good luck Mal,you so got this! LOVE your new bloggy look too.)

    I just want to eat a LOT more healthy, Lord knows I havn't been the last couple months! My skinny jeans are not happy w/ me. We're in a big fight right now. LOL.

  7. We have a lot of the same goals! I got a DSLR for Christmas last year, and really, I'm kinda scared of my camera now. :-) I am totally trying to get healthier this year too. I've started a Fit Club on my blog to help us stay motivated and on track with our health goals in 2012. I would love if you stopped by and joined in!



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