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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mondays are for Music V.9

My husband always teases me because he says that I sometimes listen to depressing music
I have to argue with this- I don't think it's depressing
Just because it doesn't have a bumping bass doesn't mean it's depressing- so there
Glad I got that off my chest...

Anyway- this is a song I discover on the alternative station on my television when Aubs was a tiny baby
I really like it and I hope you guys do too.

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  1. My boyfriend says the same thing about me!! Poo on them!

  2. HAhaa... that's what I say to my hubz all the time! I like all types of music, but he hates my country. Bahhh! This is a cool song though, girl!

  3. Great song!! I just love your Music Mondays!


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