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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Walk

Aubs has been obsessed with walks lately
I mean OBSESSED!!!
Which overall is a great thing
I like to walk, she does too
plus we get some fresh air and a little bit of exercise

The problem with the walks is that she wants to go every time we come home from somewhere and it's light out
Every single time and immediately upon exiting the car
The problem with this is that sometimes I have groceries in the car or
I have to pee really bad or
She isn't wearing any shoes
This results in her screaming WALK at the front door and flinging her body on the floor

I held my ground today after coming home from Target
I told her "no walk right now" and locked the door
She screamed for a minute or two but then went on her merry way



and then, she {snapped}


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  1. What a lovely environment to take a walk in- I would want to go walking all the time. What a little cutie she is!!!

  2. She is a doll face. You have to go walking to show off those adorable sock/ leggings!

    Hope you gals had the best Christmas, Mal!

  3. beautiful pics!! so proud u stood your ground!! sometimes its sooo easy to give in cause u dont want to hear it (we all have done it), but i promise the more ground u stand now the better she'll be and the more sanity you'll get to hold on to;-) way to go! xoxokim

  4. Oh man that is nice that she likes going for walks but wants to ALL the time! Good job holding your ground!

  5. so cute! I really love the one with the lens flare!

    I am stopping by from WW, I would love to have you stop by my WW post. http://mamasgonnashoot.blogspot.com/2011/12/wordless-wednesday.html

  6. Great shots!

    I remember those moments. Sometimes you just have to stand your ground.

  7. Love those last two shots - beautiful lighting.

  8. beautiful captures! loving the sun flare!!

  9. These pictures are adorable. Love her little leg warmers!

  10. Hey Mallory, I dont know if your remember but we went to Highschool together... Jaime told me to check out your blog and I LOVE IT! These pictures are adorable. Her outifts are gorg! I have a 2 yr old her name is Camryn. I just started my blog... it is so a work in progress but im learning..


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