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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fantasy Baby Registry

Since all I have is new baby on the brain lately, I thought I'd share some of the baby items that I have been lusting after. This is my fantasy registry for two reasons. The first reason being that I don't have a registery because I don't need one. I have an almost 2 1/2 year old and we saved all of her stuff. Plus with number also being a girl, we even have clothing covered. The second reason is because I wouldn't even register for most of this stuff because a lot of it is pricey and unnecessary. It sure is pretty though and a girl can dream, right?

A. Serena & Lily Sausalito Moses Basket- I love moses baskets. I have always wanted one even with Aubs but I don't think I would use it much. It would most likely become a photo prop. I like the standard weaved moses baskets too but since this is my "fantasy" registry, I found the fanciest moses basket around.
B. mamaRoo "bouncer"- I love these things, they are like futuristic baby gear. Instead of vibrating like a regular bouncer it actually simulates a person bouncing a baby. If you have a minute, head to their website and check out the video.
C. Boon Flair Highchair in pink- We already have a highchair and this pink one would totally clash with my house but isn't it the coolest high chair that you've ever seen?
D. Baby Bean Bag I found this on Pinterest awhile back. Doesn't it look like the comfiest baby seat ever? I wouldn't mind one of these in grown-up size.
E. Tribe Singapore Sling Bag- Oh this bag... so beautiful but sooooo expensive.
F. Britax B-Ready Stroller with all the bells and whistles I kind of hate strollers. No I'm not one of those attachment parents who thinks that stroller are evil but I do think they are evil because they are a pain in the ass. Being in a crowd with a stroller sucks. You can barely move, you constantly feel like your going to run over everyone's heals and your child pretty much has the worst view ever. I actually don't plan on getting a double stroller at all. Yes, I may change my mind but at this point the plan is to put the baby in an Ergo and Aubs in the stroller or let Aubs walk because she has never been a big fan of a stroller. With that said, I would like this fancy stroller just in case. I don't have the money for a just in case stroller so I will stick to my original plan for now.

These next few items, I don't actually need but the prices aren't too bad and I will probably end up getting them anyway.

Blooming Bath- Love this. We already have a baby bath which was a hand me down from Aubs cousins but I really do love this blooming bath. Plus I think that Aubs will get a kick out of helping me give the baby a bath in the sink with it.
Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker- I really wanted one of these last time around but we had to buy so much new stuff that spending the money on this seemed like too much of a splurge. I did mention that I wanted this to my mom the other day so Gam and Granddad may be gifting it.
Minnetonka Double Fringe Side Zip Bootie- These don't need much of an explanation, I mean come on.

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  1. If we have another, we are going to get a moses basket. We gave away our bassinet, thinking we wouldn't have more kids. There is no room for a crib in our bedroom and the baby would need to stay in our room for quite a while.

    The baby food maker looks great, but I must say that we made all our own baby food. We just used a 2 cup KitchenAid food processor, which we also use for all kinds of other things. It worked perfectly and we didn't have to buy anything special. Just a thought. Though I certainly wouldn't complain about someone gifting me an actual baby food maker. ;)

  2. Those baby boots are so cute! I am in love with the blooming bath. I used a foam piece in the sink for several months and thought it was great but next time around I want the blooming bath!! I have a dark brown moses basket (its an actual basket) you are welcome to borrow for photos. I used it for 6 months with Hudson and loved it.

  3. putting my registry together was so tough...there is just so much you're clueless about the first time around!!

  4. Such a great list! I highly recommend the highchair and baby food maker! They're totally worth the price. Especially the Babycook because, unlike the Baby Bullet, it actually steams the food, too!

  5. This is an awesome list! That baby bean bag looks soooo comfy lol

  6. D and F are in my fantasy baby registry also! That double stroller looks amazing. I'm not even pregnant and I look at this stuff. Not to add more to your list but, Have you seen the puj baby bath tub, it's foldable an looks so convienent.

  7. great list! the bean bag looks super cozy i think if i had another baby i'd get that or the NapNanny! That high chair is also really swanky, looks like something out of the jetson's. loving your list <3

  8. With baby number 2 I find myself using less gadgets, less "baby things". The swing didn't get used much, the bumbo we used maybe 2 times. I don't use the boppy the first time didn't use it the second time. Even now the jumperoo, excersaser, walker all barely get used. She likes being sitting, or scooting, crawling after her brother rather then being strapped in something. But after I had number 2 I saw the bean bag chair- the one I saw had either removable buckles or you flipped it over and there was no buckles so they could use it as a baby or toddler.


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