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Monday, April 30, 2012

21 Weeks


The big news this week is that Joe got to feel the baby move for the first time. We were watching the end of Water for Elephants and the part were the brass band is playing at the club really got the baby moving. I think I made him hold my belly on and off for about 20 minutes but he managed to feel a few good kicks.

Everything else is pretty much the same. I'm still more emotional and mood swingy than usual which kind of sucks when I'm dealing with a two year old. Thankfully she hasn't given me too much trouble this but I also think that the time outs that I have been giving her are starting to sink in. Hopefully we'll have her fits mostly under control by the time the new baby arrives.

My belly has started to come a lot more defined, so a lot of the loose shirts I am wearing are starting to get tight and not fit so well. My boobs are also starting to get bigger which I hadn't realized until my brother in-law tagged me in a picture on facebook holding Aubs and they look like they are going to fall out of my shirt. Obviously I need to be more careful about wearing lower cut tops now so I'm not flashing the general public.

Only about a week and a half until I have my next ultrasound. Hopefully we will get a definite conformation of the sex of the baby. We still think it's a girl and my husband will actually bet money that it is. At the 16 week ultrasound they seemed pretty sure that it was a girl but it was so early that I would just like a little more reassurance. If this next ultrasound if still iffy- I'm claiming team green for the remainder of my pregnancy.

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  1. Could you possibly look more lovely? That photo is amazing. It will be a treasure for your little one when she grows up!

  2. You look so cute! I love all your preggy updates, I give you props, I just can't imagine being pregnant right now with a 2 year old. Also we found out Ava as a girl at 16 weeks, so I'm sure they are right on in saying it is a girl.

  3. Beautiful picture! I am a lot more "mood swingy" too.. I think we notice it more this pregnancy because with our first we didn't have the toddler/preschooler to deal with. Lyla seems to fight me tooth and nail about things sometimes, like getting into her car seat.. She runs to the other side of the car. I've had a lot of ligament pain in my lower stomach so I just can't physically deal with it. If my husband is there I just walk away and tell him to do it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the baby cooperates at your next ultrasound..

  4. This photo is so lovely, you are beautiful!

  5. this photo is beautiful. im barely showing. sometimes i am, sometimes im not.. i'm pretty sure when i am.. its after i just ate.. haha. but i know sooner or later my belly is going to pop out.. thats so awesome that you can feel the little one. I can't wait to feel it! :)
    i'm also quite moody and my boobs have become out of control big. i need to get more motivated to get out of the house and go buy a few new clothes/bra.. haha. but since grad school ended last week, im doing nothing for a few days!

  6. So pretty, mama! And that's awesome that your hubs was able to feel the babe kick!!


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