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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Preschool Daze


I've been playing around with the idea of sending Aubs to preschool part time for a while now. I had originally wanted to start her at 3 but now that we have the baby on the way I would like to start her earlier. I don't want her to associate us sending her to preschool with the new baby. I was going to wait until the summer but the new onslaught of the terrible twos have made me decide to take the plunge a little earlier.

There are a number of reasons why I'd like to send her to preschool. The main reason is that I think she will love it. Aubs is very social and a lot like me when I was younger. I absolutely loved preschool. I only went part time and I used to tell my Mom that I wanted to be one of the latch key kids so that I could stay later. She assured me that was only for kids who had parents who had both parents working and I wasn't allowed to stay late. Also with Aubrey being so social I believe this will help with the terrible twos because I think she might be getting a little sick of being with just me all the time. I mean she absolutely loves going to the kids club at the gym which I find kind of funny.

Another reason is that I think that being in another environment that is so different from her norm will help her grow a lot. Not only will it teach her how to properly interact with her peers without me watching over her but it will also teach her things that I haven't even thought of. Don't get me wrong- Aubs and I spend a lot of time "learning". She can count to 20 on a good day, knows all her colors, most of her shapes and almost all of her letters. I just think she learn more about sharing and communication at preschool.

Lastly- this Mama could use a few hours to herself every week. I haven't quite gotten the whole keeping a tidy house, parenting, blogging and million other things at once thing down. I know it's a learning process but I think 6 hours a week without a toddler pulling on my shirt will help. Also as my pregnancy progresses my doctors appointments get more frequent and it will be hard for my husband to stay home once a week with Aubrey. Bringing Aubs with me isn't an option, she is at that stage where she freaks out as soon as we walk through the door of any hospital or doctors office.

We found a great place that offers small class sizes and a really beautiful environment. My nephew who is 3 also just started there so it will be nice for them to see each other even though they won't be in the same class. She will be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12. This is actually the only preschool that I liked in the area that provided two half days. I had my heart set on another preschool but they don't offer half days at all and I wasn't willing to put Aubs in for a whole day because I don't want her nap schedule getting screwed up plus I don't think I'm mentally ready to have her in someone else's care for that long. She starts next week so I will give you guys an update next Wednesday on how that goes.

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  1. Ahhh, good luck! I am so not ready to put Ava in. But I don't have another baby on way either So I totally understand why you would want that time. I k ow its good for kids to go, they learn a lot. That's a great schedule, an perfect hours. I would be worried Ava would freak out when I left, which she probably would. Let us know how it goes! By the way she sounds so smart, Ava can only count to 10 lol.

  2. Please make a blog post to how you and Aubs worked together to teach her her numbers, letters, colors, and shapes! Logan only says about 10 words! I try to work with him but he would rather run off and play with a car. LOL


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