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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bumps and Bruises


I'm not one of those mom's who cried at my daughter's first shots. I always hear mom's saying that it was hard for them to be in the room during their babies shots because they would burst into tears too. That just wasn't me. I mean she was just squeezed out of my birth canal, how bad could a couple of needle pricks be compared to that? It sucks seeing her cry because something hurts but it's usually pain that I know will go away quickly and will soon be forgotten.

Today was a little bit different. We were at Gymboree this morning and Aubrey started crying out of nowhere. She never cries at Gymboree so I found this to be a little bit strange. Then I noticed she was grabbing her arm. I picked her up and tried to console her because I thought maybe she had just bumped it. There was no consoling her. She wasn't scream crying but crying enough that I knew something was up. I took her out into the lobby and looked at her arm. When I lifted it up or bent it upwards she would cry more but she didn't mind when I squeezed it or bent it inward. I knew it wasn't crazy serious because the caliber of her crying wasn't enough for it to be. I called my husband and told him I was coming down to his office so he could look at it. On the way there it hit me, the mommy tears. I guess I am one of those mom's too sometimes it just take more than shots or a skinned knee to make me crack. I hated seeing her in pain that doesn't go away with a song and some extra kisses.

My husband came to the same conclusion as me. She must of twisted it or hyper extended it. How did she do it? I have no idea. She falls and bumps into kids all the time and just shakes it off. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary this morning but it must have been something. The rest of the day has been pretty miserable because of it. Aubrey won't use her left arm and has been vegging on the couch all day whining. This is pretty unusual for her because even when she is sick I can't manage to get her to sit still. I guess it is just a waiting game to see if it gets better or worse. At this point I think that taking her to the hospital would be just a waste of time. Like I said before I think that if it were a serious injury she would have been screaming her head off. I also think that I would have noticed what caused it. So here I sit on the couch with my little trouper for the rest of the day rotating between Mickey Mouse, Olivia and Peppa Pig.

A vote might make Aubs feel a bit better
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  1. awww she looks so sad. I think she will be ok. Hopefully she feels better tomorrow!!

  2. Oh no! Poor babe. Well, hopefully mama can sneak in lot of good cuddle time! Jax & Aubrey could surely hang... they dig the same shows! Hahaa.

    Awwww... I do LOVE the adorable luv bug, blanky, binky pic though!

  3. Poor little lady! I hope she's doing better now!!

  4. Poor girl! I'll admit, I am "one of those moms" who tear up when my baby girl gets her shots. I can't help it! Love your site btw - i saw you button on Haven Hill & am a new follower :)


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