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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It Clicked


I had mentioned before that Aubrey wasn't adjusting too well to her role as big sister. Well that all changed after about two weeks she started to come around. Her behavior is night and day what it was when we first brought Finley home. I am so happy that she is back to her old self and she is actually happy about being a big sister. She constantly looks to see where Finley is when she wakes up in the morning or comes home from preschool. She also showers her little sister with about a million hugs and kisses a day.

Not only has she taken on the big sister role but she has also decided to rock the big girl status. When I say, it clicked- I mean potty training. Our girl is potty trained!!! She still wears a diaper for naps and night time but other than that she has been in underwear since last Wednesday. She even went on a 2 hour boat ride and 3 hours of preschool with no accidents. I have been trying to potty train her since she turned two without much success. You can read about it here. Everyone told me that one day it would just click and that's totally what happened. I always gave her the undies or diaper option and she started choosing undies. For the first two days there was a lot of sitting on the potty with no success but by day three she just started going. We haven't looked back since and it is fabulous. She may not have been trained at 2 like I had planned but I can now say that my 2 1/2 year old uses the potty like a champ.


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  1. Yay for Aubrey! What a rockstar! I'm so happy for you. What a lovely way to ease your day!

    My girls are so great about using the potty, and often wake up dry in the morning, but they still have lots of accidents. It's especially bad in the late afternoon/early evening, when they are super tired, because they don't nap anymore.

  2. Way to go! I'm glad to hear she trained despite her new 'big sister' role - I just potty trained my daughter, but I'm expecting a baby in just a few weeks... I hope my daughter will take to her 'big sister' role well also, and will remain potty trained!


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