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Friday, April 5, 2013

Aubrey's Rainbow Birthday Party

When I first began thinking about Aubrey's party I envisioned something that was perfectly themed
As the date drew closer and my stress level higher, I realized that her party didn't need to be pinterest worthy
It just had to be something Aubrey would love
Just a few of Aubs favorite things are rainbows, bounce houses, cupcakes, face painting and the park.
I made sure her party had all of that and most importantly- all of the people that she loves and that love her back

 photo 157_zpsac3bd35e.jpg

 photo 105_zps37bd6e18.jpg

 photo 100_zpsee11807c.jpg

 photo 156_zps833f44be.jpg

 photo IMG_1647_zps2518f431.jpg

 photo IMG_1645_zpsa2d4e7a4.jpg

 photo 108_zps9a93fcae.jpg

 photo 106-1_zpsac506876.jpg

 photo 091_zps7e8103de.jpg

 photo 089-1_zps4f99b690.jpg

 photo 070_zpsb3acc802.jpg

 photo 061_zps17384590.jpg

 photo 058-2_zps647c2078.jpg

 photo 055-2_zps2f7bd440.jpg

 photo 001-4_zps2de30493.jpg

 photo 121_zpsac1b4e48.jpg

 photo 150_zps7fc1c547.jpg

 photo IMG_1658_zps9bc2b7bf.jpg

and a few phone pictures that I love....

 photo party-1_zps8692d767.jpg

 photo party2_zps228b84d8.jpg

 photo party3_zpsf1028aa7.jpg

 photo party4_zpsafbeded6.jpg


  1. Mallory, that sure looks Pinterest-worthy to me! It looks like everybody had a wonderful time. The decorations and details are adorable. Last year I put a ton of time and money into the girls' party. Family ended up being irritable. It was outside and super windy and buggy. This year, on their actual birthday, Steve and I will spend the day playing with them. The next day, there will be a family-only gathering at my house. There will be a few snacks and some cake. No crazy decorations. No big expense. I'm willing to bet C and V will be much happier than last year!

  2. Looks like so much fun! So bummed we missed it!! Next year please plan her party for a weekend Hudson doesn't get sick :)


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