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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney Spring Break

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We did the unthinkable- we went to Disney World during spring break. It was kind of last minute, our nephews were out of school so we figured, why not. We knew it would be busy but I don't think we thought it would be quite that busy. For example we got to Magic Kingdom at 8:30 in the morning and there was already an hour plus wait to see Mickey Mouse. It was nuts and that set us up for being in a sour mood about the crowds for the rest of the day. Did we have fun- yes. Would we have had way more fun when if it weren't such a mad house, definitely.

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Despite all the madness, it was still fantastic to see how excited Aubrey got about everything. She loves to watch the Dreams Along with Mickey show on YouTube so when she was able to see it in person she got a little overexcited. We got her a seat right up front and a Mickey ice cream to hold her over while she waited for the show to start. Joe sat with her but I was standing off to the side with a sleeping Fin. Aubrey got so excited when the show started that she waved her hands really fast and her ice cream fell on the ground. Of course she freaked and tried to pick it up so she got completely covered with ice cream and then was upset she was so messy. Joe ran to get napkins while I whipped out my wet wipes. By the time Joe got back the crowds had pushed in and he couldn't get close to Aubrey. Thankfully the nicest woman in the world was sitting next to Aubrey and helped clean her up. The same woman also sat through the entire show while Aubrey sang every song and excitingly announced everyone who came on stage. She told us she got a kick out of it because her daughter is eight and never gets that excited anymore. I swear if I could bottle up all that joy Aubs was radiating I would be able to cure all of the problems in the world.

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I have lived an hour and a half from Disney for a little over 10 years now so I have learned a few things. We have a great trips and some not so great ones. Unfortunately every time we have brought Aubs, it has been not so great. Hopefully we can get it together by the time she turns four. Here's some pointers:

-If at all possible the best time to go are September and October. We went once during the first or second week of September and we rode Splash Mountain 3 times in a row because there was literally only a 5 minute wait.

-Times to avoids are Christmas, Spring Break and the 4th of July.

-Best days to do Magic Kingdom are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday.

-Make sure you know when the parades and shows are because the kids love them and there is no wait to see them. Especially the Move It, Shake it, Celebrate it parade which is immediately followed by the Dream Along with Mickey Show.

-Have a game plan and stick to it. Try to work your way from the back of the park moving forward. Many people hit the attractions as they see them but if you work from the back you might be able to shave a little bit of time off of your wait.

-Unless you have a kid who is a fabulous stroller napper, then head back to the hotel for naps and dinner and go back to the park later for the light parade, fireworks or anything else you may have missed.

-Remember that you can only get one fast pass every two hours so make sure you're getting them for the rides you really want and need them for.

-If possible stay at a Disney Resort. They are pricey but the convenience of the extra magic hour and transportation can make your trip. We stay at The Art of Animation Resort and it was the perfect place for a family with young children.

-If you have a kid who is addicted to Disney Junior like mine then you have to go see Disney Junior Live at Hollywood Studios, they will flip.

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