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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

and then you were three...

March 8th was just like any other day except that when you went to bed the night before you were two
and when you woke up you were three

You yelled out, "Mama!" to let me know when you were awake
I knocked on your door and you knocked back
The door flew open

"Doodle, it's you're birthday! You're three!"

You squealed, "Let's go tell Daddy."

 photo 002-5_zpsa1176cc7.jpg

 photo 004-3_zps04dfc0fc.jpg

 photo 009-2_zps78bf4153.jpg

 photo 021-1_zpsb5ad15e3.jpg

We had a pretty low key day because your big birthday event wouldn't happen until Sunday- Your Rainbow Birthday Party at the park!
We went to Gymboree and the class started out by singing happy birthday
On the way home we stopped at the cupcake shop and you picked out some cupcakes for later that night
Then we grabbed a happy meal per your request- chicken nuggets with ranch and a sweet tea

You napped and then Gam and Granddad came over with a big birthday surprise- A Hello Kitty bike
It took you about a half hour to warm up to the big girl bike
Then we couldn't get you off
You still won't pedal though, we need to work on that.

Dinner was spagetti from our favorite pizza place
Following by another happy birthday song and a cupcake
March 8th was a fantastic day to turn three

 photo 028-2_zps395a5e2f.jpg

 photo 031-4_zps099b4db4.jpg

 photo 032-1_zps8d1a0c72.jpg

 photo 038-1_zpsd3ebaa95.jpg

 photo candle_zps3aefd451.jpg


  1. What a big girl she is riding her bike! Happy 3rd birthday Aubrey!

  2. Happy birthday sweet girl! I'm so happy she had such a fab day-her hair is so long! I'm dying to get raygan on her bike, still too cold around our parts!

  3. She is such a doll! And the last pic is so precious!

  4. Happy Birthday Aubrey!!! We love you

  5. Aubrey has the best hair. She is quite a beauty! I have just one problem: you're saying she's three, but it looks like she went to sleep a two year old and woke up a five year old. She is growing too fast, and I've said before, that she seems to be pulling my daughters along with her. I think all our little ones need to stop growing for a while.

  6. I can't believe how big she's gotten! So press! And just love the HK bike and Minnie helmet (my littles absolute favorites).


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