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Monday, March 4, 2013

6 Months

 photo 6monthd_zps7606201e.jpg

Dear Finley,

Oh Miss Fin, I have always loved you but now I really really like you. You are just the most smiley little thing, all I have to do is look at you and you grin the most adorable double chinned chubby cheeked grin. It's so fantastic to see you so happy now. For awhile there it seemed like you were on the path to depression and anxiety, I know that sounds completely ridiculous because you're just a baby but you always seemed so uncomfortable. Everyone told me you would come around and you finally have.

You are content to play by yourself for a little while now which is nice because I can make a cup of coffee or pee without holding you. You are also quite entertained by watching your crazy big sister. Oh, your big sis Aubrey, she loves you something fierce. You are the first person she asks for in the morning and she is constantly grabbing your face and giving you kisses. The other day I had you in your walker and I was in the bathroom doing my makeup. You started to cry but then stopped after a minute or two. I figured you had just stopped on your own but when I came out into the living room, Aubrey had given you your binkie and was sitting next to you holding you hand. You guys are going to have such a beautiful relationship.

There is one thing though, you still don't sleep very well. You go down fine but wake multiple times a night. I usually only feed you once between 2-4 but Daddy and I are usually in there at least three other times consoling you back to sleep. Sorry to break it to you but we might have to try some sort of sleep training in the near future.

Lots of love,

 photo 6monthd6_zpsbf08bbf9.jpg

 photo 6monthd1_zps22aaeb05.jpg

Other things that have been going on with Fin:

-She sees a chiropractor every week or two and it has seemed to help out a lot.
-She has started solids- So far she has had banana, avocado, rice cereal, butternut squash, apple, sweet potato and toast. I really want to do full on BLW but I'm still a little nervous about it.
-I stopped using the sleep suit and now that she has the freedom of rolling, she sleeps most of the night on her belly.

15 lbs 12 oz- 48th percentile
25 inches- 26th percentile
Head circumference- 16.25 inches- 19th percentile

jumperoo, mum-mums, being out in about in the Ergo, music, grabbing long hair

When people shes not use to get in her face and when Aubrey grabs her face too hard

 photo finster_zps5a4b20cb.jpg

 photo 6monthd4_zps127316c6.jpg

 photo 6monthd3_zps48cc8250.jpg

 photo 6monthd5_zpsb7b0c9a4.jpg

 photo 6monthd2_zps7ff1b166.jpg


  1. GAH! She is so stinking adorable!! I love this little photo shoot you did with her. So happy to hear she has passed the colicky phase!

  2. Such stunning photographs of your little beauty. I'm really happy to hear that little Finley is having an easier and happier time. It seemed like things were off to a rough start, and it's a joy to see that your family is a little more joyous lately!

  3. All these came out amazing!! I can't believe she's already 6 months old:-(

  4. What a sweetie!! We are having the same night time issues... oh sweet sleep - visit this mama soon (and me too!)


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