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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Love Letter to Aubrey Hope

 photo aubs2_zps909f27c9.jpg

Dear Doodle,

I write your little sis a letter every month but you don't even have one. That's not really fair is it? So here's my love letter to you, my gorgeous girl. Your sister is tough right now. She is very overwhelmed by the world and she shows us that she is by crying all of the time. I know that she will come around as she grows older but right now I am having a unbelievably hard time with it. What gets me through is you.

You are truly amazing and I am so lucky to have you as my child. The baby crying all the time doesn't seem to phase you, you just keep on going no matter what. You are full of smiles and laughter day in and day out. Lately you have been making your dad and me laugh so hard. Tonight I made you sing "Goodnight Olivia" for daddy and it was the best thing ever, you make up half the words but still sing with such confidence. You have also been getting a kick out of the fact that you can make us laugh so hard.

You are kind and love people which seems to be a rare quality these days. Please don't ever get discouraged when people aren't so kind to you. Just because one person ignores you when you say hello to them doesn't mean that you won't make the day of the next person you say hello to. We were at a birthday party this weekend and one of the dads came up to me and said how much he loved your personality. His own daughter was clung to his hip and you were just walking around, talking to everyone you encountered even though you had never met them in your life. It makes me so happy that other people see your inner joy and warmth too.

I love you so much. Thank you for making my long days more bearable with your dancing, laughing, tight hugs and sloppy kisses.


 photo aubs1_zpsb93bc5a0.jpg

 photo aubs_zps5a57484d.jpg

 photo aubs_zpsdb68f481.jpg


  1. Aubrey is a rock star big sister! I'm so glad she is the extra joy you need, to get through this tough time with Finley!

  2. Aww, this was so sweet!
    I love the last picture of her, she looks like she is such a cool kid :)

  3. This is incredibly sweet, Mallory. Heart melts and stuff.


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