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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Last night I was looking through some old photos of Aubrey to compare what Aubs was doing at Finley's age and to see what I can expect next. My orginal intention wasn't to see if they looked alike or not but as I scrolled through I found that I was having to remind myself that the pictures were of Aubs and not Fin. Seriously guys- it's kind of scary how much they look alike.


Aubs is the top photo and Finley is the bottom. Not the cutest pictures of them but I can't get over how they even do the same thing with their eyes. Freaky- right?


  1. They look like the same person! They are both equally adorable!

  2. Ohmahgerd! Total twinsies! That's crazy!!

  3. HeeHee! It's crazy when babies make the same expressions! How does that get passed along?? My two both did this serious brow furrow thing...it cracked me up! But wow, they really look a LOT alike!

  4. I would've said it was the same baby! Wow! It'll be interesting to see if they still look so alike as they get older.


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