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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Potty Training & Big Girl Beds


As you know, we are expecting a new little ankle biter in the house in the beginning of September. Aubrey will be exactly two and a half when the new little one arrives, assuming I go full term which I'm pretty sure I will and then some. Ideally I would like Aubs potty trained and sleeping in a bed by then. If you don't want to do the math, this means that I have approximately 5 months to work all of this out.

So let's talk potty training first. Before I had my own kid I thought potty training was all about how well the parents did it. Boy was I wrong. Even though she is two, Aubrey doesn't really seem ready to go down this path. My only indication that she may be capable is that she can keep her diaper dry for 2 plus hours a day. That's about it. I ask her where she goes pee pee and poo poo and she will tell me, "On the potty" but she doesn't actually do it. She doesn't even tell me when she goes or when she has to go. Sadly she would sit in a poopy diaper for hours if I let her. So far she has peed on the potty once. A few times a day she will sit on the potty and I read her books. This has basically done nothing expect for changing our story time location to the bathroom instead of the couch. I have even tried the naked from the waist down or underwear thing when we are at home. I will follow her around like a hawk and then as soon as I turn my back she is peeing(or pooping-yuck) all over the floor. So yeah, it's not going too well. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated.

Now how about that big girl bed? Aubs is awesome in her crib. She sleeps 11-12 hours a night, doesn't climb out and usually naps pretty well. The thing is that it is a really nice Pottery Barn crib and I would like to use it for the new baby. The new baby will sleep in our room for the first 3 to 4 months or so but I don't want to "steal" Aubs crib after the baby is here and give it to here brother or sister. I think that would be sort of cruel. What do you think I should do? Go for the big girl bed and risk messing her wonderful sleep habits up or just buy a cheaper crib for the new baby?

If you haven't figured it out yet, this is a "pretty pretty please help this first time mom out" kind of post.


  1. So, I'm not exactly a mom, so my advice may not be the best. But I am a nanny and was working with the child at the time of the move to the 'big girl bed'. What we did was got the bed, then let her play on it and take naps on it but still sleep in the crib or in moms bed at night, but before to long she got the 'I'm a big girl' attitude and decided she just had to sleep in the bed because it was soooooo much fun. Anyway, it's up to you and different with every child, I wish you good luck :)

  2. Our pediatrician is adamant that kids stay in the crib until they are trying to climb out. It is the safest way for them to sleep and the best way for toddlers to get good, uninterrupted sleep. I would wait a while and see if her sleep habits change, before making a decision on the crib/bed issue.

    As for potty training, I'll be watching these comments like a hawk for ideas. I just did a FB status today asking for advice. Veronica freaks out when she poops, whether on the potty or in a diaper. Since this is the case and there is always screaming when poop happens, I've switched her to undies today. I know the biggest thing is to be consistent, which means I am going to stick with the undies, regardless of the number of accidents that are coming my way. I'm also setting the kitchen timer, so there will be potty time every half hour and tonight we're starting a sticker chart for her, too. Wish me luck!

    1. my son did fine the first few days with pooping in the potty then all of a sudden started freaking out. Full blown freak out, yelling "gross", and begging for a diaper:-/ It made me upset to see him like that but I stuck with it and never put a diaper on him. After about 5 days of him freaking out, he just stopped. I know this sounds really weird but I would talk to him throughout the day about all the people he associates with and how they poop on the potty too (yes Mallory that means you too lol). Now sometimes he will say while he is doing his business, "uncle poops potty...nana poops potty, etc".

  3. With my daughter... She started climbing out of her crib so I had no choice. But we had her toddler bed in we room for a while so she was used to seeing it, and even took a few naps in it. So she was excited about sleeping in it. Except I do get a little 3 am visitor at my bedside most nights. And for potty training... Lol it's a crazy, and long story but she refused to wear pants one day and I gave up, within 3 days she was potty trained, but I really think that was her way of showing she was ready. Before then she would NOT even sit on her potty. Oh I also found that she would sit on the real toilet with her little seat attached, but she wouldn't sit on her little potty seat. So we did away with the little potty... Also would read her this potty book I found at target, idk if that helped but it defiantly got her interested...

  4. We are right where you are.... except less time. 3-4 months and trying to figure out what to do. Our daughter is not into the potty at all.

  5. Hey girl! I totally agree, before I was a mom I thought kids had fits because there parents didn't know what there doing, and like you said how potty training was all about hOw the parents did it. Idealy I wanted my oldest potty trained around two, she was 17 months around the time I had baby number 2. I was determined to get her potted trained but my little girl had other plans. She's now 2.5 and potty trained officially. She did it all on her time and that's honestly the only advice I could give, I pused hard and she was so stubborn and hard headed she was totally not having it. We got her her own Potty chair ( after months of me putting my foot down) and that did the trick because it was her

  6. Her own! Now my 14 month old has gone a couple times in the toilet without any pushing what so ever. I think it's just all about when they are ready! As stubborn as some may be :) sorry about he two comments in still working out my iPhone haha. Good luck can't wait to hear how it turns out

  7. I still can't get Lyla to sleep in her own bed more than like once a month! She'd rather sleep very uncomfortably between daddy and I.. How we got pregnant is a mystery hahaha.. But with potty training, I kept the potty in the living room (gross I know) but it worked.. And being consistent with taking her to the bathroom when we were out.. Night time training took a little longer.


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