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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bad Date

Aubrey has been the dinner date from hell lately.
We use to go out kind of a lot
Usually breakfast one day a weekend, dinner with my parents on Wednesday and maybe one more dinner during the weekend
Aubs was always pretty good for her age and sometimes she was even great
I was actually going to write a post about dining out with toddlers but that seems a little silly now

Aubrey had turned into a complete nightmare when we dine out
She tries to climb out of her seat, screams and worst of all...throws stuff
None of the old tricks work anymore- snacks, crayons, songs- none of them matter

So we will be taking a break from restaurants for a little bit
These pictures are from when we had dinner at our hotel on our trip
Luckily she wasn't as bad as usual but she still wasn't great

mean muggin




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  1. lol. We are in the same boat here. Don't ya hate it... it's good for a diet though =)
    If only Chili's had a play land, ha ha!
    Happy WW!

  2. Baha! I know what you mean...Nico did the same thing when he was a little bit younger! Thankfully, it won't last forever! And what a cute little bad date she is!

  3. OM(flippn)Goodness I SO feel ya on this! Jax is normally a pretty laid back dude, but when his naughty bum walks into a restaurant... hello nightmare. Our family dinner night out has consist of maybe going to Wendy's, that way we can leave in a hurry if need be. Kids!

  4. Na I don't believe you, she looks too adorable to be trouble ;)

  5. Little stinker! we're starting to enter this stage too... thank goodness for grandparents!

  6. That first picture with the mad face is too too cute lol


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