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Friday, March 2, 2012

Febuary Photo a Day

I did Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge last month.
I fell off at the end due to my daughter's possible broken growth plate and never quite got back on.
Now I am doing March and I fully intend to complete it this month.

Here's my photos from February.

Your View Today:from the back deck at my parents house Words: a beach morning w/ my girl Hands: my girl & a fudge pop

A Stranger: a stranger 10 am: actually 10 pm, missed the am Dinner: Shepard's Pie

Button: looking down at my shirt Sun: through the trees at the park Front Door: my front door

Self Portrait: early morning selfie Makes You Happy: morning coffee Inside Your Closet: top rack

Blue: my shoes Heart: from my Valentine's Day bouquet Phone: my phone

New: new shoes for the babe Time: clock at my MIL's house Drink: as fun as it gets these days

Handwriting: my shopping list A Fave Photo of You: Joe & I at the Jersey Shore in 2002- pre-Snooki Where You Work: my view from the couch with my laptop

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1 comment:

  1. So fun. LOVE you Toms, I still don't have a pair! Crazy, I know! Super adorb pic of you & your man!

    Hey Mal, I'm cohosting a fun new photo challenge, & would be soooo happy if you would join my 1st one!!!! No worries if ya can't though.)



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