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Thursday, December 6, 2012

3 Months


Dear Finley,

Well three months have come and gone. You are still quite fussy but seem to be getting better by the day. This weekend you were surprising content so hopefully you just needed these first few months of your life to warm up to the world. I can't really blame you, you went from a dark quiet and peaceful place to a bright loud and chaotic place. The chaos mainly coming from your big sis. She seemed to overwhelm you at first but now you seem in awe of her. You give her lots of smiles when she talks to you which she absolutely loves.

You rolled from your back to your belly at 11 weeks 6 days. More than a month sooner than your big sis. Since then you have been a rolling machine but most of the time you get mad that you haven't figured out how to get from your belly to your back and we have you flip you over. You have also sat straight up in your bouncer which is kind of crazy to us. You're just ready to go go go. I will not be surprised if you're an early crawler and/or walker.

Sleep is still iffy, you aren't very consistent. You'll give mama a really good night and then the next night you'll be up four times. I am happy to report that last night you slept nine hours and ten minutes, your longest stretch to date. I don't mind if you don't continue to sleep that long every night but please sleep at least six hours please! Your naps have also started to become 4-5 cat naps a day rather than long ones. It kind of stinks at the moment but I remember Aubrey doing this too right before she settled into two naps a day.

Although you scream more than I'd like, you are absolutely adorable. You have the chunkiest little legs and your cheeks are so chubby they hang lower than the rest of your face. You are full of lovely smiles and loud happy coos. We are so excited to have you as a part of our family, especially for the holiday season.

Lots of Love,


Likes: being tightly swaddled, walks while riding in the Ergo, funny faces, evening dance parties before bed, sink baths

Dislikes: baths in the infant tub, being put in the car seat, being trapped on her belly for too long

Stats: 3 months, 0-3 & 3-6 month clothes, about to move into size 2 diapers and fits into clothes diapers better now. Unsure of height and weight but I'm assuming that she is between 13 & 14 pounds.


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  1. Gosh she's so cute. Our little gal is pretty inconsistent with sleeping too. I hope she's like your older daughter and falls into more of a rhythm here soon. :)

  2. What a real cutie pie. And I LOVE your blog logo. Very nice.

  3. I have that outfit and can't wait to have an outside baby to dress in it! She's so cute!


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