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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chuck E...Chuck E...Chuck E

Watching her fav videos on the iPad.

Kids are such little weirdos and mine is no exception. Her thing for quite some time now has been her obsession with a certain overgrown mouse who goes by the name Chuck E. Cheese. She loves to go see the big guy in person but mostly she likes to watch Chuck E. Cheese videos on YouTube. I have no one to blame but myself because I introduced her to the world of CEC on YouTube. My intention was to make her less scared of him because if you remember from awhile back, she used to be terrified. I had no idea that it would turn into a full on love and obsession.

This was Aubrey's reaction to Chuck E. Cheese, way back in July. Obviously times have changed.

Some of Aubs Chuck E-isms:

-She thinks every Lady Gaga song is CEC related because of this video.
-Every thing she drinks must come from one of her two Chuck E. cups
-She knows every CEC character even though CEC has retired all of them except Chuck E
-She thinks that the guy on the pringles can is Pasqually. If you're curious to who that is here is a reference.
-Sings the verse, "Our mouse and his name is Chuck E Cheese," a lot.
-Also sings the CEC version of "Where in Thumbkin?" By asking where is Chuck E., Helen, Pasqually, Munch and Jasper.
-Thinks that all purple pom poms are Munch

***Since I began writing this post over a month ago her obsession has gotten better. She still asks for Chuck E. but it is no where near the level that it used to be. I decided to finished and post this entry anyway because I think it was really funny and definitely something I want her to know about when she is older.


  1. When I was a nanny I had to take kids there one night... Fridays are like freaking DATE night there... like parents were legit on the prowl!

  2. She's so funny. Looks like she is a pro on the Ipad too!


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